Bamboolik's sheltered workshops

5. 9. 2016

All of Bamboolik’s products are made in the Czech Republic, specifically Southern Moravia, in Brno and its surroundings. Our products are currently being sewn in five workshops, four of them sheltered. All the workshops are in close distance to Bamboolik which enables us drop by every now and again. Keeping in touch is really important to us!

Bamboolik - sheltered workshops

What exactly is a sheltered workshop?

Such a workshop „shelters“ workers who are in some way disabled and their job options might be limited. Sheltered workshops give them a chance to earn their living so that they can work in their own time and pace.

Bamboolik - sheltered workshops

Why does Bamboolik work with sheltered workshops?

Since the very beginning of Bamboolik we knew we wanted to help (among other things). And it was systematic help we had in mind, not the more usual once-a-year donation. Ideally, we wanted to encourage people to help themselves. So the most natural choice was to create opportunities for people with a more difficult position at the labour market and that’s why we started to contact sheltered workshops. The birth of our relationship wasn’t easy for any party, but all the good will and effort from both sides helped us to work together really well.

Sheltered workshops in our interpretation are no charity! People who work for Bamboolik can really be proud of themselves. The workshops have plans to fulfill (sometimes even overfill!) and work under pretty standard market conditions. The workers do an amazing job: they produce the required amount of our products in the best possible quality.

At the moment, ca. 25 people work for Bamboolik in sheltered workshops. Together they produce approximately 40 % of our diapers.

Bamboolik - sheltered workshops

Why don’t we use exclusively sheltered workshops?

Even though our sheltered workshops work very professionally, they are still sheltered (protected) – especially from stress. Luckily, Bamboolik is growing quite fast, but that means the demand for our diapers is always growing, too – and quite often not steadily but in big leaps. At such moments there comes stress and we need our seamstresses to work overtime or over the weekend. We cannot ask such things from our sheltered workshops.

Another reason is the number or employees. Tailors, seamstresses and other professions in the textile industry have almost disappeared in the Czech Republic. Not only Bamboolik, but other companies in our branch are desperately searching for new employees. Simply said, we can’t afford the luxury to limit ourselves to sheltered workshops only. We need all the hands that can sew!

Our „not sheltered“ workshop has our back in frenetic times as The Real Nappy Week or Christmas and helps us increase the amounts of diapers, accessories and clothing produced and delivered to customers all around the world.

A big THANK YOU to all our workshops and their employees. We think of you daily.

Bamboolik - sheltered workshops


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