Brand new Diaper System: AI2 DUO

22. 11. 2018

Revolution in the diaper world has come. Our new AI2 DUO diaper system. What makes it special?

Absorbing inserts are double-sided, they all have both Stay-Dry layer as well bamboo layer. It's up to you which side you prefer. And in case you change your mind, just flip it over.

The basic absorbing insert (Shaped Soaker) has a pocket. We offer a Short Insert and a Long Insert to put in the pocket but any other absorbing insert will do.

Perfect fit even for newborns. From birth to potty, for real.

No snaps, manipulation with this diaper is very intuitive and simple.

Fast-drying but still super absorbing.

Here's a video how it works:

ATTENTION! New diaper system of course means discounting the previous one. Our "old" diaper system (Diaper Covers and absorbing inserts) enters today with 15 % off! Diaper Sets included.




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