Celebrate International Tapir Day with us!

27. 4. 2016

We celebrate International Tapir Day on April 27th. And our tapir Bamboolik parties big style! :-)

Tapirs Bamboolik

And he never celebrates alone! As every year, Bamboolik will meet with his adopted siblings - Nenny and Cusco and their baby in Brno's ZOO. And no party will be complete without a box full of refreshments :-)

Tapir snack

But Bamboolik wants to celebrate with his customers, too! That is why he's coming with a new collection of baby clothes - our Elephant hoods, leggings in beautiful soft baby blue (almost turqouise, quite a unique colour!) and baby pink. In addition, he has added a brand new product to his collection - a bodysuit

And we still continue! From Wednesday to Friday (April 27th - 29th), Bamboolik will have a 20 % discount on all bamboo clothing items - for children and adults. Plus 15 % off our caressy blankets!

Caressy blanket Bamboolik

And why should you buy bamboo clothing or our blankets?  The softest jersey made of bamboo rayon with added elastane is silky smooth, suitable for people suffering from allergies or eczema. It keeps stable (=comfortable) temperature in a summer heat or during sudden temperature drops. It absorbs liquids very well and is anti-bacterial which you will appreciate not just when travelling or doing sports - as in summer one sweats quite effortlessly :-)  

ATTENTION! Bamboo clothing as well as our caressy blankets are addictive! Only the strongest of us are satisfied with just one item :-)






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