Celebrate World Animal Day with Bamboolik!

3. 10. 2016

Dear Bamboolik fans, 

Do you know that the 4th of October is recognized as the World Animal Day? We in Bamboolik are quite Animal Fans and that’s why we’ve decided to celebrate this special day. How, you ask?

This Tuesday, i.e. 4th of October (solely) you can shop all of our „animal“ print products with a 15 % discount! The products are: Diaper Cover Velcro or Snaps, All-In-One Diapers Stay Dry (Fleece) or All-In-One Bamboo, MiniMimi Diaper Cover, MiniMimi All-In-One Diaper. The discount will only be valid for one day, so do not hesitate.

And as a bonus for our animal friends, every customer with an „animal“ family name will get a discount of 15 % on all our products! So Megan Fox or Cat Stevens, it's your nameday! :-) You will get the discount by writing „World Animal Day“ in the note when ordering. We will then apply the discount in your invoice.

P.S.: We do not count birds as animals in this case. There’s World Bird Day in spring, so Tony Hawk will have to wait a bit :-)

P.S.S.: Discount on animal print products and animal names do not cumulate.

Happy World Animal Day!

All-In-One animals Diaper Cover animal + orange MiniMimi All-In-One animalsDiaper Cover snaps  MiniMimi Diaper Cover animals + orange

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