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18. 7. 2016

Bamboolik's disposable inserts are a great product when you travel somewhere where you can't or don't want to wash your diapers. You use them with Diaper Covers or Pocket Diapers that can be easily washed by hand, if necessary.

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What's the difference between the two types of disposable inserts?

Bamboolik's disposable inserts are made of pure cellulose (version Newborn) and of cellulose with 3.5 g of SAP gel (version Toddler). Cellulose disposable inserts are purely natural, those with added SAP gel are more absorbing. 

What is this SAP gel?

Superabsorbing polymer :-), simply an absorbing gel. It's basically a powder that can absorb liquids; by doing so, it creates small balls. It can absorb 300x its own weight! However, as you might have already guessed, this kind of material is not 100% natural. Moreover, it can't tell which liquid it shoud absorb and which it shouldn't, so it can dry out sensitive baby skin. That is why we use it sparingly.

Why should I choose disposable inserts and not Pampers?

With cellulose disposable inserts, the difference is obvious as they are purely natural. With SAP disposable inserts, the SAP gel is added as minimally as possible, plus the insert covers just the "critical" part between the legs, not the entire hip area. Our disposable inserts (both types) don't contain any perfumes or bleaches that can irritate sensitive baby skin. 

Another pro is breathability: conventional disposable diapers are waterproof thanks to not very breathable materials very similar to plastic, so babies are prone to diaper rash as their skin can't breathe freely. With our disposable inserts, it's the Diaper Cover or Pocket Diaper that provides the waterproofneess and they function pretty much as modern outdoor jackets; they do not let any wetness go through while being breathable. 

How much is it?

When you choose disposable inserts, you understandably pay more money per change than when you use solely cloth diapers. But it is definitely cheaper than using ecological disposable diapers. One change with our disposable inserts will cost you approximately from 0,25 EUR (assuming that you've already got a Diaper Cover or a Pocket Diaper) to 0,70 EUR (for bigger babies that might need 2 SAP inserts at once). 

What type of disposable inserts should I choose?

That depends. We recommend to ask yourself these questions:



Type of disposable insert

Do I prefer natural materials?  

Cellulose disposable inserts (version Newborn).

The con of these being that they're less absorbing so you may need to use two inserts for older (and more productive) babies or change more frequently.

I don't want to change more frequently than once in every 2-3 hours.   SAP disposable inserts (version Toddler).
How old is my baby?  

For a newborn/very small baby, cellulose disposable inserts (version Newborn) should be sufficient, as well as for an older toddler who already potty trains with some success.

For an older baby or a not potty-trained toddler we recommend more absorbing SAP disposable inserts (version Toddler).

How productive is my baby?  

Peeing in small batches? Try cellulose disposable inserts (version Newborn).

For more productive babies, SAP disposable inserts (version Toddler) may be more fitting.

Disposable inserts Bamboolik

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