Heart attack situations in Bamboolik

11. 5. 2016

Heart attack situations in Bamboolik

Dear customers!

We're deeply sorry that some of you might be still waiting for your orders as our delivery time has been unbearably long lately. The last few weeks have been quite stressful for us as firstly we got very strange information from our trasport company considering the shipment of our material - it travelled through odd destinations. We're used to the shipment not being on time but we must admit that the memo "your shipment was with all likelihood lost" caught us unprepared. We simply did not expect that a 200 kg palette might be so easily misplaced. 

Even so, in between performing slightly louder "motivational phone calls" with our transporter and looking for a solid wooden beam where to put a noose, our dear colleagues from logistics managed to find a substitute material for at least a part of the lost shipment and get it here in literally no time. Thanks to them our workshops are now sewing like Duracell rabbits to cover all the orders. In the meantime, our transporter informed us they may have found our "parcel" but after the experience with them we will believe it when we actually see it, no sooner.

Thanks to a quick reaction of our logistics we will be able to cover most of your orders in the next two weeks. We hope you understand.


Bamboolik Team

P.S.: On the picture you can see the substitute delivery, approximately half of the lost shipment. Does it look like something you could overlook? :-(

PUL delivery

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