Lower prices until the end of 2017!

27. 12. 2017

Until the New Year all of Bamboolik's Christmas actions are still going. With the New Year, we will have to increase our prices, so we recommend not to hesitate with your shopping.

Why will there be a price increase?

Roughly a half of Bamboolik's production comes from sheltered workshops (you can read more about them in this article about sheltered workshops). The wages in our sheltered workshops are calculated according to the minimum wage in the Czech Republic (that does not mean the workers earn a minimum wage!). When the economy improves, so does the minimum wage and consequently the wages in our sheltered workshops. We're kind of proud that the workers in our workshops really earn their wages with their hard work! That is why we support their wages' growth while we think a slight price rise is no end of the world :-)

However, we consider it fair to inform our customers about the planned price growth and give them a chance to still shop for lower prices.

And what action prices can you find in our shop?

- 10 % discount on all diapers from our 2017 collection, including diaper sets

- 10 % discount on all caressy blankets

- 10 % off all our bags

- 10 % off our disposable inserts.

With the New Year, all prices will increase, 2018 collection being no exception.

Happy holidays!

Action prices valid until the end of the year

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