MiniMimi rental - yes or no?

19. 11. 2016

Are you unsure whether to invest in small diapers for newborns? Rent them!

Our MiniMimi diapers are ideal for the smallest babies (from ca. 2 kg): their skin can freely breathe thanks to the breathibility of the material and their bums are not huge because the mini diapers fit perfectly. Still a lot of parents hesitate when it comes to buying newborn-sized diapers. Compared to one-size diapers, buying newborn size means an investment in diapers gear for just a few months, maybe just weeks. That is why Bamboolik opened a MiniMimi rental service in the Czech Republic this week.

The parents simply rent MiniMimi diapers through the Czech e-shop, where they place their order (for a MiniMimi complete set) and pay rent for chosen time. After the time is over, the parents can either buy the rented set or wash and return it. One month's rent is comparable to the cost of disposables for one month. 

The parents then acquire a discount for one of our Standard or Complete Set of one-size diapers once their baby grows out of the MiniMimi diapers. 

Would you be interested in a rental like this? Would you welcome it on our .eu e-shop? Let us know on our Facebook Bamboolik's world.

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