Wanted: Diapers with lower quality velcro

8. 7. 2016

Dear customers!

We are deeply sorry that we must write this but right now we don’t have any other option than to kindly ask for your help. We’re on the lookout for 109 Diaper Covers and AIO Diapers with lower quality Velcro fastenings that should not have been used.

We know that these faulty products are among orders sent out from Bamboolik between June the 3rd and 27th.


How do you recognise this Velcro?

After close inspection, you will see the biggest difference between our standard Velcro and the wrong one – the loop part of the wrong Velcro has practically no visible loops. As seen in the picture below (pink diaper on the left), our standard Velcro (Aplix) that we normally use for our diapers has visibly structured loops, whereas the wrong one is almost flat.

Faulty velcro

Another difference will appear after washing: the lower quality velcro tends to rip off.


How did this happen?

As usual, the main factor was a human mistake, followed by an unfortunate set of circumstances, due to which our standard control mechanisms didn’t work and let the mistake swell. Thus, a lower quality Velcro from a substitute supplier was by mistake used on several diapers of one production batch, instead of delayed Velcro by Aplix.

What shall we do now?

Thankfully, because our production is meticulously organized, we know exactly which batch of diapers was produced partly with the wrong Velcro and we know the exact numbers. We immediately introduced new quality controlling rules to prevent similar mistakes; however, right now we need to fix the mistake that has already happened. That is why we address namely all our customers that could have received a substandard product. Unfortunately some of these mistakes could have gone to our business partners, which is why we have decided to inform our customers publically as well. We need all the faulty diapers to be sent back to us, only by doing so we can guarantee that all our customers receive a perfect product.


Do you have one of these diapers at home?

If yes, we kindly ask you to contact us at lalova@bamboolik.cz or call +420 737 249 994. We offer you a swap for the faulty diapers and compensation for the substandard delivery.


We sincerely thank you for your understanding and your help.

Your Bamboolik Team




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