Winter holiday with cloth diapers

12. 2. 2018

Winter holiday with cloth diapers? It's possible! In case you would like to use your cloth diaper stash but won't be able to wash it for a while, Bamboolik has a solution: disposable absorbent inserts that you simply put into a Diaper Cover or a Pocket Diaper. The following two weeks with a 10% discount!

Diaper Covers or Pocket Diapers ensure breathability, disposable inserts ensure that you don't have to have a washing machine around.

More on disposable inserts in our article or in our video (OK, it's rather summery but you'll get the message :-)):

Get a gift!

Buy two packs of disposable inserts and get a useful gift - a sack for clean inserts so that you don't have to search for them in the depths of your changing bag. This sack can be used not only for disposable inserts but also for other things - for example cosmetics you need to carry around (the bum cream will never hide in the changing bag again!).

We wish you a lovely winter!

Disposable inserts Bamboolik

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