Changing Pad - Printed 2018

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Changing pad is an everyday accessory for any parent of a small baby. Regardless what kind of diapers you use, Bambooliks’s changing pad will come in handy on a trip, at a doctor’s appointment, when travelling, in general every time you change your baby outside of your home. At home, Bamboolik’s changing pad will serve you well as a water resistant insert in your baby’s crib or pram.

The changing pad has two sides – the one your baby lies on is made of soft terry cloth. The outer part is made of laminated polyester. The layer is water resistant even from the outside and is a bit more robust. You will appreciate that when changing on a not-so-ideal surface (in the countryside, in surroundings not familiar etc.).

Wash the changing pads before use. They can be washed at 60C. After washing, line dry them, do not tumble dry or iron them.


Technical parameters:

Size: 45 x 70 cm

Material: Inner layer 80 % Cotton, 20 % Polyester

              Outer layer 100 % Laminated Polyester


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