Combi Duo Large Diaper Set

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Combi DUO Diaper Set LARGE

Large Diaper Set for those who are looking for a complex solution. You save your family budget as well as the environment! (Converting to cloth can save you ca. 700 EUR.)

Large Diaper Set contains diapers from our AIO DUO system and AI2 Duo system. Precisely these:

Diaper Cover Duo 3 Blue + Construction, Aquamarine + Universe, Chocolate + Toys Magenta + Dragons, White + Meadow, Green + Owls Green + Owls, Yellow + Ocean, Chocolate + Toys
Shaped Soaker Duo 12      
Short Insert Duo
Long Insert Duo 10      
Pocket Diaper Duo Stay Dry 4 Ocean, Owls Dragons, Owls Ocean, Owls
Pocket Diaper Duo Bamboo 4 Universe, Construction Meadow, Ocean Toys, Ocean
Night Fitted Diaper Duo 3 Mint, Grey, Yellow Mint, Grey, Yellow Mint, Grey, Yellow
Fleece liner 1 pc 4      
Changing Pad 1 Blue Magenta Yellow
Washable Wet Bag size S 1 Blue Magenta Yellow
Chaning Bag 1 Grey Triangles Grey Triangles Grey Triangles

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