Diaper Cover Duo - Limited Edition 2018

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Diaper Cover DUO Velcro - Limited Edition 2018 - Black + Origami


Essential layer for cloth diaper users. Water resistant.

Diaper Cover makes sure all liquids stay inside the diaper. To be put over absorbing inserts from our AI2 DUO System or over any other absorbing layer. Even a prefold.

Why our Diaper Cover? Because it’s:

-          Very waterproof & very breathable. Membrane-like material (PUL) prevents leaks, while still letting the skin underneath breathe. We know from our own experience (and from our customers’ experience) that babies in cloth suffer much less from diaper rash. Consequently, parents of such babies also suffer less.

-          Very variable. Size can be easily adjusted (by using snaps at the front of the Cover), fits perfectly from birth to potty.

-          Very reliable. Our Diaper Cover has two elastic hems around the legs. Why should hems interest you? Because the more hems, the more protection against leaking!

One size (ca. 4-15 kg)


AI2 DUO live:



100% polyester (PU coated)

Lining: 100% polyester (fleece)

Elastics: lastin - 100% polyuretan (latex-free)


Care Symbols / Diaper PUL