MiniMimi Diaper Trial Set 2018

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MiniMimi Diaper Trial Set 




Are you considering starting using cloth diapers right after your baby has been born? Would you like to test the cloth diapers first, before you buy the full set? Or are you looking for an original gift for a mum-to-be? In all those cases, you are in the right spot!

Bamboolik's MiniMimi diaper system has been made especially for small babies of about 2-6 kg, to provide the full comfort of healthy changing even to the tiniest ones. 
In the article Cloth Diapers for Better Health, you can learn more about how your baby's health can benefit from the usage of cloth diapers. Regardless that, also the environment and, last but not least, your family budget, will be thankful to you as well.

Bamboolik's MiniMimi Diaper Trial Set will enable you to try out both of Bamboolik's AI2 system which is unique in its variability as its components fit into each other like LEGO parts. In case of the MiniMimi range, it consists of a MiniMimi Diaper and MiniMimi Diaper Cover.

The Short Inserts, provided with every MiniMimi diaper to boost its absorbency, can be used perfectly even in the follow-up system, once your little one grows out of the MiniMimi size. What's more, you can use them both with the AIO and AI2 system, so it does not matter if you choose to use just one of them or a combination of both. 



Washing and maintenance is also nothing to worry about, if you know how to use your washing machine, there's nothing else you need to learn.



When washing the MiniMimi diapers and Diaper Covers, remember to attach the velcros in the same way as they would be attached on the baby, and then turn the diaper inside out. This way you can prevent the lwashing machine from creating a huge ball of laundry. Firstly it would last forever to untangle it, and most of all, the velcros will be able to stand the daily use for several years (and children) if they are protected this way.



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