MiniMimi Pocket Diaper Duo

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MiniMimi Pocket Diaper Stay Dry DUO


Our most user-friendly diaper, as easy to use as a disposable, in mini version. Just put in on and go! MiniMimi diapers fit babies from 2 kg.

How long will MiniMimi diapers last? Frankly, that’s hard to say. Some babies grow sooo fast in the first months and switch to one-size diapers at 6 weeks; some babies still wear MiniMimi diapers at 9 months. We have seen both extremes.

MiniMimi Pocket Diaper is delivered with our long absorbing insertfrom our AI2 DUO system. That’s because we don’t like making things with limited use! Long Insert can be used later with our one-size diapers.

Size: approx. 2 – 6 kg. Size can be easily adjusted by snaps on the diaper’s front.

Stay Dry Layer:To ensure your baby feels comfortably dry all the time! Perfect for newborns as most of them just don’t like feeling wet. We tested that for you.

There are other diaper options for a newborn or a really tiny baby:


We used these fabrics to make this diaper:

Stay Dry Layer: 100% polyester (fleece)

Absorbing Insert: 80 % bamboo rayon + 20 % polyesther from one side, 100 % polyester from the other side

Water-resistant layer: 100% polyester PU coated (PUL)




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Absorbing Insert:

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