Toddler Soaker - 2 Pcs

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Toddler Soaker 2 Pcs
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Toddler Soaker - Set of 2 pcs (I.e. 2 pcs of Shaped Soaker + 2 pcs of Toddler Insert)

The AI2 Toddler Soaker is the inner layer of Bamboolik's AI2 Diaper System designed for toddlers for about a 3-hour changing period or as a night solution for small babies. (For small babies during the day or for shorter changing period, look at the Basic Soaker).

How does the Toddler  Soaker work? The Toddler Insert is easily snapped onto the Shaped Soaker with three snaps and the Toddler Soaker is ready. Then just snap it into the Diaper Cover and that’s it! 

Toddler Soaker can be easily changed to Basic Soaker by replacing the Toddler Insert on the Shaped Soaker with a Short Insert. The base is still the same, as shown in the table: 


Basic Soaker Shaped Soaker Short Insert Newborns, regular use, shorter changing period 
Toddler Soaker Shaped Soaker Toddler Insert Toddlers, longer nap for small babies, ca. 3-hour trip with toddlers

Even your Toddler Soaker can be boosted! Use it together with the Night Soaker or place a Short Insert into the space between the Shaped Soaker and the Toddler Insert

Welcome in the world of AI2: maximum effectivity and variability.

And where to use your Toddler Soaker?

- Snapped together with Diaper Cover into a AI2 diaper
- Stuffed into the pocket of an AIO or Night fitted diaper for better absorbency



The wider part of the Shaped Soaker can be placed on top of the back pouch of the Diaper Cover to protect it against a ‘dirty’ accident. This is great for newborns in the period of liquid stool. For older babieshide it into the pouch of the Diaper Cover. It helps you to effectively change even the most active toddlers – even when they’re running away from you. :)


How about the Washing and maintenance? Don’t worry, it is very simple! Just click the link and you will see!

Material: 65 % Bamboo Viscose, 28 % Cotton, 7 % Elastane

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