Twins Duo Diaper Set

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Twins DUO Diaper Set

This Set combining the MiniMimi fitted Duo and MiniMimi pocket diapers Duo. That means:

Shaped Soaker Duo 16  
MiniMimi Pocket Diaper Stay Dry Duo 8 Ocean 2x, Toys 4x, Owls 2x
MiniMimi Diaper Duo 8 Mint 2x, Yellow 2x, Grey 4x
MiniMimi Diaper Cover Duo 8 Green + Owls 2x, Chocolate + Toys 4x, Yellow + Ocean 2x
Snappi Fastener 2  
Changing Pad 2 Yellow 2x
Washable Wet Bag - size S 2 Yellow 2x
Changing Bag 1 Grey triangles

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