Washable Wet Bag Size S Printed 2017

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Wet bag not only for cloth diapers, size S (30 x 35 cm)

Forget unsightly plastic bags and enjoy a more ecological, economical and prettier alternative! Bamboolik’s wet bags of various sizes are made of membrane material (PUL), waterproof and breathable at the same time. Originally, they were designed for transport and storage of cloth diapers but their use is much more variable! You don’t have to search your little one’s toys in the depths of your changing bag anymore, be desperate because a baby puree has leaked into your bag and covered everything inside or pull everything out of your bag to find your keys or wallet. Bamboolik’s sacks and bags keep the contents of your bag organized and under control, even if you have to carry around a lot of stuff, as parents of little children often do.

Another useful tip is to store your pastry in one of the bags as by doing so your pastry will stay soft for much longer.


You can choose Bamboolik’s bags in 4 sizes:

XS for one or two diapers

S for a one-day trip

M for a weekend without a washing machine

L for a shorter holiday

Wet bags are made in two types: one-coloured economical bags or bags in luxurious prints in

beautiful modern designs.


Made of 100% laminated polyester

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