Are you wondering which Bamboolik diaper is the right one for you, or do you already have some at home and are not sure about usage or storage? Below you will find answers to the most frequent questions.

In case you need some deeper information, check out the sections Why cloth diapers? and Practical Info to find many interesting articles related to the topic.















How many cloth diapers do I need for my baby?

You can find more details in the article Must haves for your cloth diaper layette. Alternatively, you can contact a cloth diaper consultant in your neighbourhood. She will help you find the best solution for you and your baby and help you with all the issues around diapers. 


I´ve never seen any cloth diapers before. Is there any place I can take a look at them?

In case there is no shop selling Bamboolik nappies in your neighbourhood, you can look for some event in which we take part and take a look at and touch all of our diapers there. Follow our Facebook page Bamboolik Cloth Nappies for all info.

The second option is to get in touch with one of our cloth diaper consultants. She can show you all of our diapers and accessories. What you can expect from such a meeting? Find out in the article Who is a cloth diaper consultant.


What diapers are the best for me?

There are two different approaches towards this topic. The first one says it is good to try as much various types and marks of diapers as possible and take a decision on the full gear based on your testing. In our opinion, this method is perfect especially for mothers who are so keen on cloth diapers that it becomes their hobby, or later even a profession. But in our opinion, not all parents want to buy and try various types of cloth diapers. 

The second approach is suitable for parents who feel that trying and testing of various diapers would be a waste of time. Cloth diapers are basically just a product of everyday baby-care for them, just like a baby-cot or pram. They choose the level of comfort they require from the cloth diapers, buy the whole layette and learn to use it. How to make this choice then? 

Basic information about various types of cloth diapers can be found in the article Types of cloth diapers. If, after reading it, you are still not too sure which type is the right one for you, you can ask for a consultation. In case there is no diaper shop in your neighbourhood where you could check the diapers out and ask about details, just look for a cloth diaper consultant who will show you all diapers and help you choose the best ones for you. We will also be very happy to answer all your questions on our Hotline, per Mail, Facebook or Instagram


Which set should I choose?

Bamboolik´s sets system is described in detail in our article System of Sets.


I have decided for a Set but would like to pick different colours and designs. Is it possible to exchange diapers in the set?

Unfortunately it is technically not possible to switch products or colours in the prefabricated Set on the E-shop. You can still contact a Cloth Diaper Consultant though, she will be happy to help you put your set together. 




The diapers we have just received are too large, the inserts do not fit into the covers. 

The bamboo inserts shrink by ca. 10% after the first 2-3 washing cycles, which we count with when producing them. Please wash your cloth diapers at least 2-3 times once you receive them. Afterwards, they fit into the covers perfectly and also  reach their maximum absorbing capacity.   


I have bought your cloth diapers but I don´t know how to fit them on my baby.

You can have a look at our videos with instructions for various Bamboolik diaper ranges. If you still have questions, don´t hesitate to contact us via our Hotline.


We are very satisfied with your cloth diapers set, except for the night diapers as they leak.

Bamboolik´s night diaper is really very absorbent and ensures a long sleep of your baby. But it might be a little bit confusing when you start using your diaper set - this diaper is not waterproof, you need to put the Diaper Cover over the night diaper. Also, always make sure the diaper cover fully covers the night fitted diaper, it must not stick out anywhere. If you still struggle with diaper leaking, we will be happy to assist you through our Hotline




There are stains left on the diapers. How can I remove them carefully?

To remove stains from your diapers, we recommend to place the diapers into the bucket, add ca. 2 tablespoons of percarbonate and pour over hot water (min. 60 degrees). Leave it soaking and bubbling for 2-3 hours, then pour the water away and wash the diapers in your washing machine, using percarbonate again. It is safer to place the bucket into the bathtub first - the reaction of hot water with the percarbonate can be pretty bubbly :-)


How to wash the diapers properly?

No worries, the maintenance is pretty easy. Find all instructions and practical tips in detail in the article How to wash cloth diapers. If you haven´t found answers to your questions, please ask us directly via Hotline.


I (my Mother-in-Law, my Grandma) have washed the diapers with fabric softener by mistake. What should I do now? 

First, take a deep breath :) If it happens only once, it´s okay. Just add “extra rinsing” in the next washing cycle to rinse the diapers properly. Use diluted vinegar (more info here) instead of the fabric softener this time. The fabric softener coats textile fibers and thus reduces the absorbency of the diapers - which is exactly the opposite effect you require from your cloth diapers :)


Is it necessary to pre-wash the diapers, or add extra rinsing after washing?

Bamboo fibre is four times more absorbent than cotton. Therefore it is better to pre-wash or rinse the diapers before the main washing cycle. This makes them soaked up sufficiently to be able to be washed properly. Otherwise they might “eat up” too much water from the main washing cycle and be washed “dry”. This would not help rinsing the bacteria out of the diaper, and these might then damage the diapers and, especially, irritate your baby´s skin. The pre-wash also helps to remove stains from cloth diapers.  

You can also add extra rinsing at the end. This ensures that all detergents are rinsed out of the diapers und no residues remain in to irritate your baby´s skin.  


How to store dirty cloth diapers?

We recommend to store used diapers in a diaper pail or in a waterproof wetbag. Don´t add any water into the bucket, the diapers should be stored “dry”. When stored in water, bacteria would reproduce very fast and could damage the diaper fibres. 




Where or how can I get some discounts for my order?

Bamboolik has a lot of interesting offers and competitions for you during the year! Subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on Facebook not to miss out any special discount!


How quickly will my package be delivered? 

Orders paid by debit/ credit card, in case all products are in stock, are dispatched within 2 days from submitting your order at the latest. In case of bank transfer, we will send the package within 2 days from the payment reception (bank transfer might take 2-3 days). After dispatching, the parcel takes several days to be delivered. You can find the shipping times per country in the article Shipping and Payment. 

At some special occasions (Christmas, Real Nappy Week and similar huge discount periods) it can happen that orders will be dispatched with some delay. We always inform of such cases on our Facebook-Page, Webpage or via Email. The information about possible delays will also  be included in the automatic email with your order confirmation.  

In our E-shop, you can also order products which are not immediately available. In case the given availability is “more than a week”, the product will be dispatched within 8-30 working days. If the availability for the product is “more than a month”, we send the order within 31-60 days. Is your chosen product not displayed anymore? This means it has been sold out and we are not able to deliver it within the next 61 days.    


What does “Availability” in your e-shop mean? 

The field “Availability” informs you how quickly after the payment receipt the package can be dispatched. Products which are “ready for shipment” are sent within 2-3 working days. If the availability is “more than a week”, we are able to send these goods within 8-30 days. Should you decide for a product with availability “more than a month”, you can expect the delivery within 31- 60 days. Is your chosen product not displayed anymore? This means it has been sold out and we are not able to deliver it within the next 61 days.    


How should I proceed in case of filing a complaint about the goods? 

In case of any issues with our products, please contact us directly. Send an Email to kuncova@bamboolik.cz. We will respond as soon as possible and try to find a solution. More information and a complaint form can also be found in the article Complaint procedure


I have not received the e-mail confirmation of my order, what shall I do?

Please check your Spam folder, the automated email might have landed there. In case you cannot find it anywhere, sign in to our E-shop again and check if you have really sent the order by clicking on your login name and viewing the section “My Profile - Orders”.  If the order is not there, it means you have skipped the last step - clicking to finalise your order. In that case, the goods have stayed in the shopping basket. It stays there for your order to be completed for the next 5 days. 


How is it with the purchase, payment and delivery to various countries?

Products in the e-shop www.bamboolik.eu can be dispatched to various countries across Europe. All prices are in EUR. Find all infoŕmation about shipping fees and delivery in the article Shipping and Payment.