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Pocket Diaper:

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This is how it works:



Pocket Diaper, for babies and toddlers from about 4 to 15 kg

Would you like to use cloth diapers but worry that it is too complicated and time-consuming? In that case, the Bamboolik Pocket Diapers are the right choice for you! They are as easy to use as disposable diapers, they are basically of the same shape. Changing with these diapers is therefore not a problem even for the Daddy, Grandpa or babysitter. And what’s more, the diapers are much healthier, ecological and undoubtedly prettier that the disposable ones. Why is that? Read more in the articles How did we calculate or in Diapers the Healthy Way.


How does the diaper work?

The outer layer is made of a waterproof laminated polyester, the so called PUL material. The PUL comes in many beautiful designs, but mainly, it is breathable and thus suitable even for babies with sensitive skin. PUL fabric repels water just like a waterproof membrane jacket, and thanks to that it keeps the moisture away from your baby’s skin while still allowing it to breathe. 

The inner contact layer of the Pocket Diaper is made either of extra absorbent bamboo rayon, or of super-soft fleece with a Stay-Dry finish which helps keeping the baby’s skin dry. You can learn more about these two contact layers and their benefits in our article Bamboo vs. Fleece. The special frills around the legs with a soft fleece lining protect the diaper from leaking of all sorts.

The outer and inner layer create a pocket in between. It is stuffed with an extra absorbent Pocket-Diaper Insert made of several layers of very soft-to-touch yet extra absorbent bamboo viscose. This insert can be snapped into the pocket to always keep it in the right place even with more active toddlers. Thanks to being removable, it makes the whole diaper being able to dry faster, while the insert itself can even be tumble-dried (unlike the diaper pocket which contains the PUL layer). For more productive kids, we recommend to add an extra layer into the pocket to boost absorbency. Any insert of the Bamboolik AI2-system is perfectly convenient for this. 

With the help of superior quality Velcro fastenings and four rows of snaps on the front side of the diaper you can easily adjust the diaper’s size by milimetres. That means you always have a perfectly fitting diaper for your baby!


Care and Maintenance of Pocket Diapers are soo easy and need no extra time. Just click the link and you’ll see.


Technical details:

Contact layer - Bamboo = 65% Bamboo viscose, 28% cotton, 7% Elastane/

/ Contact layer  - Stay Dray = 100% Polyester 

Absorbent insert = 65% Bamboo viscose, 28% cotton, 7% Elastane

The outer waterproof layer - 100% polyester laminated with polyurethane (PUL)



In case you need to boost the absorbency, you can make use of several other components of Bamboolik diaper range: e.g. the Short Insert or Toddler Insert, which you can place into the pocket of the Pocket Diaper. Also the Shaped Soaker or even the whole Basic Soaker, as well as a classic square diaper, can fit into the pocket!

Bamboolik Pocket Diapers come in two versions, according to the contact layer. If you wish to learn more about the difference between fleece (Stay Dry) and bamboo, click this link.