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Shaped Insert with pocket from Organic Cotton

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Basic absorbing layer – to put in AI2 DUO Diaper Cover. The most natural diaper you can get!
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Shaped Insert with pocket from Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton Shaped Insert with Pocket


Rolls–Royce among diaper inserts – GOTS certified organic layer absorbing insert.

With organic cotton diapers, you help the environment twice – by using washable diapers in lieu of disposables and by preferring a more sustainable material.


Organic Cotton Shaped Soaker with Pocket is the most universal absorbing insert – usable for any type of a diaper change, for a baby of any age. The basic absorbing layer for any All-in-2 (AI2, SIO) diaper system.


The most common uses:


Přebalení AI2 Bamboolik

  • For a newborn/smaller baby: Adjust the size of Diaper Covers as needed (most likely to the smallest) and lay the Shaped Insert onto the inside of a Diaper Cover. Fold the bottom hem of the Shaped Insert to the inside of the Diaper Cover. Put the sides of the Shaped Insert into the little side pockets of the Diaper Cover. For the smallest possible fit, fold the Shaped Insert into a newborn fold on your baby, securing it with a Snappi fastener.
  • For a bigger baby/toddler: Adjust the size of the Diaper Cover as necessary, lay the Shaped Insert onto the inside of the Diaper Cover, securing the sides of the Shaped Insert in the Diaper Cover ‘s little side pockets. Boost the absorbing capacity of the Shaped Insert by putting either a Short Insert or a Long Insert in the pocket of the Shaped Insert.
  • Fully compatible with our AI2 DUO diaper system.


And because most people find longish texts pretty boring, here’s a video for you! (In case you’re wondering about the newborn fold, we show it at 1:57.):

And here's how to fasten the diaper without snappi fastener:

(The videos star our AI2 DUO absorbing inserts, they are not our Organic Cotton ones. Let that not bother you, we assure you the diapers are used exactly the same way!)


Did you know?

  • GOTS certification means the best quality in organic cotton, both material- a sustainability-wise.
  • There are very strict rules for cotton fields on which GOTS certified organic cotton is grown: No herbicides, no pesticides (heavily used in conventional cotton farming). Great for the material itself (the cotton doesn’t contain any residues of these chemicals) as well as for the land – the soil and the water in the area don’t become polluted.
  • GOTS certified cotton fields have to alternate crop every few years so that the soil doesn’t get too tired (in conventional cotton farming, the soil is very often exploited to such extent that it becomes literally dead).
  • Manufacturing the GOTS certified cotton fibre has its own strict rules as well – especially when it comes chemical treatment that is usually employed to create strong and resistant fibres. That’s beneficial not only for the actual fibre but also for the workers (in conventional cotton manufacturing, the workers are often exposed to so many chemicals at work that it might be detrimental for their health).
  • With GOTS certified organic cotton, you are guaranteed that all the workers included in the process receive fair wages.




Then be aware of its specific qualities: You cannot expect the diapers to be fluffy and super soft all the time. It’s a natural material and as such, it will never be as stable as artificial materials (such as polyester). Organic cotton diapers might become a bit stiff after washing, they lose their softness and will most likely shrink a little.

We take that into account in our production; when you get your new organic cotton diapers, they might seem huge to you! Thoughts like „This is never going to fit in the Diaper Covers!“ or „It’ll make my baby’s bottom enormous!“ might cross your mind. Don’t be deterred by that! After washing, organic cotton diapers will shrink and reduce their size in all aspects. (And don’t worry about their absorbing capacity, that will, on the other hand, become even higher.)

And if you still feel like they’re a bit too big, try the newborn fold, that really fits well even newborns. We have tried that for you!

kalhotkový sklad

Don’t fancy organic cotton any more after reading this? Then have a look at our standard AI2 DUO Diaper LineShaped Insert with Pocket is here.



Composition: 100 % GOTS Certified Organic Cotton


Weight 0.2 kg
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