Short Bamboo Straws, 20 pcs

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Short Bamboo Straws, 20 pcs

Reusable Bamboo Straws Short


Why reusable straws?

Have you heard this joke? ”One plastic straw won’t make a difference.” Said 7 billion people every other day.

Get it? We think that every little change towards an eco-friendly home counts.

Why bamboo?

Because we’re Bamboolik :-) Bamboo is a sustainable source (it grows super fast; some species can grow 1 meter in a day!) and its cultivation does not require herbicides or pesticides that could soil the soil (pun intended).

And let’s be honest here: Bamboo does not grow in the Czech Republic. Or in Europe. Our bamboo straws travel quite a bit (they’re from Bali) and we admit that it’s not ideal. However, we think that travelling bamboo is still better than disposable plastic.

Why aren’t they all the same?

The diameter of our bamboo straws varies. That’s because they’re made by nature, not by a machine! They’re just bamboo stems that grew freely.

Why two sizes?

Because they’re both great! Short straws (the ones you’re currently looking at) are perfect for children and in smaller cups, long straws are meant for adults with bigger cups (not just women :-)).

MAINTENANCE: Use a straw cleaning brush after each use. Bamboo straws were made by hand, please wash them by hand, too. Do not put them in the dishwasher. We recommend a waterproof zero waste bag to carry your straws around.


Composition: 100% Bamboo

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