Bamboolik celebrates its 10th anniversary

Bamboolik celebrates its 10th anniversary

Bamboolik celebrates its 10th anniversary!


We’re on the verge of entering our teenage years as a company, which is a great opportunity to celebrate ;-) Also reminisce a bit, analyse, evaluate. It’s been a long journey, a very exciting one, pretty demanding at times. Surprisingly often, we still feel like we know nothing about business and it feels like we’re just rookies. Maybe that’s how it should be? We wouldn’t like to be stuck in a boring routine anyway.

Parent to parent

There were 2 mums, 3 babies, a circle of supporting families and friends and a looot of dreams when Bamboolik was born 10 years ago. We had a vision of establishing a company will a higher purpose, with a mission, that should enable us to organise our work-life balance so that we could spend more time with our kids. We had (and still have) very strong eco-friendly conscience and wanted to spread our environmental awareness. Let’s admit it—some of us are kind of eco-freaks :-D

So Bamboolik grew with this mindset. And as it usually goes—careful what you wish for! :-) —our company attracted people with very similar mindset and values. Not only they shared our vision but were also parents of small kids. After the first year, there were 3 of us, there was 10 of us in 5 years, and nowadays there’s more than 20 of us, with more than 20 other seamstresses from our cooperating sewing factories (some of which function as sheltered workshops, employing people with a disability).

We have 28 children! In total, not siblings ;-) They’ve grown, so they don’t come to work with us anymore. However, if they want or need to, there’s still a baby room dedicated to them, with a high chair that most of them would no longer fit in :-) Coming to the office notwithstanding, most of us have their children “at work” all the time as home office should be our nickname. Even when there’s no world pandemic going on.

We unanimously agree that the most awkward moment when working from home is having your child scream from the bathroom “Fiiiiniiiished”! :-) Especially juicy when you’re on a call with an important business partner. But at least it breaks the ice. And it’s pretty much in our line of business.

2012-2021 with Bamboolik

Our key learnings from the first 10 years of running a business

  • Profit is not everything. It’s important, no doubt about that. But it’s not the reason we get up every morning. It’s not the reason that helps us get through a difficult time. It’s not the reason why we’re still loyal to Bamboolik.
  • Stick to what you’re good at. We make great cloth diapers. We make great reusable sanitary pads (quite a similar line of business, in a way). But whenever we tried to dabble in a different field, it didn’t work out. It’s good to admit that to yourself. Focus on what you’re great at.
  • Fast business growth at the beginning means nothing. It’s a good ego-boost ;-) but that’s it.
  • Intuition works. Even in business. Ideally, it should be used in combination with good old common sense.
  • Asking for advice from someone with more experience is not a sign of weakness.
  • Open and clear communication gets you through everything. Another cliché, but it’s true. Sometimes it’s not easy, it may hurt, but it’s definitely worth it—keeping your relations honest makes them functional.
  • Constant change:-) is the only thing in business (and also generally in life) you can be sure of :-)

2012-2021 with Bamboolik


To another decade

We’re entering our next 10 years weakened by Covid, unsure what is to come. But we do have a clear vision about how we want to do our business, what should it bring to the society and what our strengths are.

We know that the next 10 years won’t be easy, with all likelihood. But we’re sure we’re going to make it. We’re excited about what the next decade will bring!

We’re in it together. Thank you!

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Discounts - 10 years with Bamboolik

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