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Nappy cover is the waterproof yet breathable part of the AI2 diapers / all in two nappies. The DUO Diaper Cover is our best-selling and award-winning product! It has a slim fit and a clever cut - 100% reliable (leakproof) thanks to double gussets around the legs. It can be used with any absorbing insert we offer.

Our nappy covers are available in 3 sizes - newborn, one size and XL. In all the three cases, the nappy cover has adjustable size thanks to several rows of snaps, thanks to which the nappy cover fits babies and children of a wide range of ages and proportions. The velcro or snap fastening also allows you to adjust the waist and thighs line according to the current measurements of your baby.

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Pull Up Diaper Cover – A great choice for bigger babies or as a bulletproof cover for Night Fitted Diapers | Bamboolik
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Pull-Up Cover
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Wateproof layer for cloth diapers. An easy fit for bigger babies or as a bulletproof cover for Night Fitted Diapers. A life-saver for when you attempt a diaper change on an...

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Überhosen Neugeborene - bester Schutz und angenehmes Tragen für die kleinsten Babies | Bamboolik
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Newborn | Diaper Cover
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Diaper Cover for newborn babies (ca 2-6 kg). Provides a waterproof layer for a Newborn Fitted Diaper or a for classic newborn fold.

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Wasserdichte aber atmungsaktive XL Windelüberhose für große Stoffwindeln. Für ältere Kinder, besonders für die Nacht | Bamboolik
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XL | Diaper Cover
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Waterproof but breathable diaper cover for older kids (until ca. 6 years of age, approx. 15-25 kg) who have not fully mastered potty training yet. Designed especially for the...

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Bamboolik Nappy Cover in 3 sizes

The newborn nappy covers fit the tiniest babies, including the prematurely born ones or tiny twins. They have a lower cut around the front waistline which allows the belly button to heal properly. They can be used up till about 6 kg, when you can switch easily to the one size diaper cover.

The DUO Diaper Cover is our one-size-fits-all nappy cover. It can be used by babies with birth weight over ca 3.5 - 4 kg, and is usually sufficient until they have conquered the potty. This video shows how to adjust the size of the nappy cover according to the baby's current age and size, and which combination of nappy inserts you can use in each stage.

If you have an older child who is not fully nappy-less yet, especially at night, then you can use the XL Diaper Cover for larger diapers. It fits from about 15 to 25 kilos and up till the age of 6, but it depends on your child's proportions - let's say a one-year-old toddler of about 13 kilos who needs a highly-stuffed night diaper will be able to use the XL diaper cover for the night too, in case the one size nappy cover is too tight.