Changing diapers for a small babies


XL Fitted Diaper

Very absorbent Fitted Diaper made of organic cotton jersey, size for older kids (weight ca 15-25 kg). Leakproof diaper, to be worn under waterproof XL Diaper Covers. Includes a Prefold for high absorbency.

Newborn Fitted Diapers

Newborn Fitted Diapers for tiny babies (approx. 2-6 kg). Very reliable, won't let out anything, not even liquid newborn stool. The perfect cut! Fit perfectly even to prematurely born babies. Usable from the very first day of a baby's life, thanks to a special belly button cutout.

Reusable sanitary pads are still taboo

It´s time to change that! Join us and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to switch to reusable menstrual items. Including washing and general maintenance.

Types of cloth diapers

What is what in the world of cloth diapers? What are the differences between cloth diapers types? 

Learn about the basic cloth diapers terminology with us! You’ll find out all the pros and cons of cloth diaper systems.


Fitted Diaper by Bamboolik

Biggest addition to the cloth diaper family in 2022! 

Fitted Diaper by Bamboolik. Made of organic cotton jersey (which is GOTS-certified). Because we swear by sustainability.

Cloth Diapers: AI2 (All-in-2) Diaper System

Cloth diaper system with a separate absorbing and waterproof layer. Absorbing Inserts are made either from bamboo terry (with an integrated Stay Dry layer) or from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Waterproof Diaper Covers are One-Size, they've got you covered from birth to potty. 

Prefold: Muslin Organic Cotton - absorbing insert for cloth diapers

Prefold is a universal absorbing insert for cloth diapers made of multi-layered light fabric (in our case, it’s GOTS-certified organic cotton muslin). 

Reusable pads for an eco-friendly period

Reusable pads have many benefits! 

  • They're breathable.
  • They're reliable. 
  • They save your money as well as the environment. 

Bamboolik: Reusable Diapers are the future!

If we should define Bamboolik in one word, it would be PURPOSE. We need to see a PURPOSE in everything we do. 

Bamboolik. For People Who Care. 

Pocket Diaper Duo

Pocket Diaper with absorbing insert. The simplest and most universal reusable diaper on the market!

How to use muslin squares

Newborn Fold, Origami Fold, Jo Fold, you feel like brain is folding? ;-) Have a look at this video and you'll be an expert on muslin squares as diapers! By the way, muslins used in this video are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton of European origin and are manufactured in a small sewing factory located in the heart of Europe (Czech Republic).

Potty Training with Bamboolik 

Want to start potty training your baby? Or have you already started but you’re not 100 % there yet and need some kind of back up for naps, travels etc.? Bamboolik Training Pants are here for potty training beginners as well as more advanced trainees

All-Purpose Absorbent Booster

A truly universal absorbent booster – for increasing diaper absorbency whenever necessary. Fits in cloth diapers of all shapes and types. A simple rectangle, just like a prefold, with a tremendous absorbing capacity. Made of two layers of bamboo rayon, cotton terry and extra absorbing microfibre.

Swim Diapers

Enjoy swimming with your baby! Without the need to take care of uninvited number 2 ;)

Bamboolik Revolutionary AI2 System 

Brand new diaper system by Bamboolik, Czech producer of cloth diapers and products for an eco-friendly home.

Pin-less Newborn Fold

Are you afraid that a Snappi fastener will "bite" you? Or have you misplaced it and it went missing? No problem - you can fasten our AI2 DUO system pin-less style even on a newborn, as shown in the video. All you need is two hands ;)

Testing Absorbency of Cloth Diapers

How much does a cloth diaper absorb? Is there a difference in absorbing capacity among types of cloth diapers? And how do they stand in comparison to disposables?

The original Bamboolik AI2 System (snaps fastening)

AI2 (all-in-two), sometimes also called SIO (snap-in-one) nappy system by Bamboolik - the most variable and effective cloth nappy system. Usable for 4 kg babies as well as 3 year old toddlers. It grows with your baby! 

Bonding Blanket by Bamboolik 

Caressy blanket for bonding: cherish the first moments with your newborn cuddled in the softest bamboo rayon! 

Pocket Diaper

How to use Bamboolik's All-in-One Diaper? It's as easy as a disposable! Just put it on and go :-) And don't worry about potential mess, that's what separation liners are for!

Universal Use of the Pocket of the Pocket Diaper

Night Fitted Diaper

Night Fitted Diaper is specially designed to last through a full-night sleep (up to 12 hours). Nothing will disturb your baby’s sleep (and consequently your well-deserved rest) at night!