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Waschbare Reinigungspads aus Bio-Baumwolle / Washable Organic Cotton Cleansing Pads with Ribbon -  Bamboolik
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Washable cleansing pads from organic cotton. Set of 10 pcs, on its own or with a practical laundry bag. Also as a gift-package in a recycled cardboard box. Pad diameter ca 8.5 cm.

Code: 92167
Wasserdichter Beutel mit zwei Fächern und einer Schlaufe zum Aufhängen am Rucksack oder der Wickeltasche | Bamboolik
Double Wetbag with Loop
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€8,43 excl. VAT

Practical & waterproof little double wet bag, for carrying both clean and used cloth wipes or sanitary pads. With a loop for hanging on your backpack or tote bag. Size 17 x...

Code: 94010
Mini Wetbag - Bamboolik
€5,29 excl. VAT

Little Wet Bag, size 12.5 x 15.5 cm, for all your bits & pieces such as cosmetics, first-aid kit, car keys, ID cards, etc.

Code: 99860