Separation Liners

The most useful little items for changing cloth diapers! Separation liners that will help you to get rid of stool in the diaper easily (and cleanly!). Stay-Dry option for the feeling of dry bum even in wet diaper. Washable or disposable (made of bio-degradable material).

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Trockenfleece-Einlagen waschbar / Reusable Diaper Liners | Stay Dry - Bamboolik
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Washable fleece liners. Protect the diaper from stool and help to remove it, while keeping the baby’s skin dry.

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Disposable diaper liners made of 60% cellulose and 40% polypropylene. For easy and hygienic removal of poo and for keeping your baby dry. Pack of 100 pcs.

Code: 98530