Maternity Pads

Very absorbing and very long reusable sanitary pads from certified organic cotton, suitable as Maternity Pads for the postpartum period. Later they can also serve you well as Night Pads. Absolutely reliable while very breathable.

When using these pads as maternity pads in the first days after delivery, your bleeding is most likely quite heavy. Therefore, we recommend exchanging your maternity pads, and then soaking them (in ice-cold water) and washing them more often than after the recommended 4 days. This applies really just to about the first week after childbirth. In the following weeks of postpartum, your bleeding doesn’t vary from your standard period that much. As soon as you can see that using this most absorbent pads is not necessary anymore, you can switch to our regular size sanitary pads. See more general tips on washing and maintenance of reusable sanitary pads here. 

You can choose between two material types of our maternity pads (the same applies to all sizes of our menstrual pads and panty liners): Satin & Organic Cotton, or Organic Cotton Terry. The satin pads have the inner absorbent part of certified organic cotton, with the contact layer of cotton with satin finish. In case of the organic cotton terry pads, both the inner and the next-to-skin layer are made from 100% organic cotton. The satin maternity pads come either in red or blue. If you want to make sure you can check the colour and the intensity of your bleeding properly, choose the organic cotton terry maternity pads in natural colour.

All our maternity pads have a snap fastening. The snap is very thin and smooth so it won't pinch you anywhere at all.

Great news: After your postpartum period finishes, you don't have to get rid of your postpartum pads! They will serve you perfectly later on as your night-time menstrual pads. Thanks to their extended length, you can enjoy a carefree night's sleep in any position you like without worrying about any leaks.

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Reusable Overnight - Maternity Pad / Waschbare Nachtbinde - Wochenbettbinde Bamboolik
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Very absorbing reusable pads from certified organic cotton, suitable for the night or as maternity pads.

Code: 92230
Reusable Overnight / Maternity Pad | Organic Cotton Terry | Bamboolik
from €7,85 excl. VAT
from €9,50

Very absorbing but very breathable sanitary pads from 100% certified organic cotton. Suitable as overnight pads for heavy bleeding or as postpartum pads.

Code: 92232

A helpful customer review

We have received a personal secret tip from our happy maternity-pads-user Anija from Switzerland:

I recommend buying more pads than you think you will need. After birth, it is difficult to keep up with laundry while caring for a baby and dealing with any medical issues that might arise after childbirth. I ended up with a longer period of bleeding than I expected due to complications, and so I needed a large stash of pads for much longer than I expected.

For me, 40 heavy-flow pads was a comfortable amount. While still at the hospital, I could send the pads home with my husband to be washed daily and returned to me once completely dry, without running out of supplies. I am glad I packed a supply of mesh laundry bags and wet bags in my hospital suitcase. Once I was home with my baby, I was able to launder them together with cloth diapers without worrying about running out.