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Reusable cloth diapers made in Europe from European fabrics. Cloth nappies save the environment, your baby's sensitive skin as well as your family budget!

Choose between the most comfortable Pocket Diapers, or the combination of Diaper Covers and Absorbing Inserts in case you prefer the versatile AI2 diaper system. There are also Fitted Diapers which offer the highest reliability against leaks, or the economical Muslin Squares.

Not sure how many diapers you will need? Pick one of our Diaper Value Packs where we did the maths for you. 

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Gift Voucher
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from €16,53 excl. VAT
from €20

Gift Voucher - a universal gift when you are not sure whether to purchase Bamboolik cloth diapers or other products for an eco-friendly home.

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Code: 98903
Pull Up Diaper Cover – A great choice for bigger babies or as a bulletproof cover for Night Fitted Diapers | Bamboolik
Pull-Up Cover
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from €14,79 excl. VAT
from €17,90

Wateproof layer for cloth diapers. An easy fit for bigger babies or as a bulletproof cover for Night Fitted Diapers. A life-saver for when you attempt a diaper change on an...

Code: 92640
Überhosen Neugeborene - bester Schutz und angenehmes Tragen für die kleinsten Babies | Bamboolik
Newborn | Diaper Cover
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from €19,42 excl. VAT
from €23,50

Diaper Cover for newborn babies (ca 2-6 kg). Provides a waterproof layer for a Newborn Fitted Diaper or a for classic newborn fold.

Code: 99822
Bamboolik DUO geformte Einlage – beidseitig, Stay Dry für das Trockenheitsgefühl, Bambusviskose für die sofortige Saugfähigkeit | Bamboolik
from €29,09 excl. VAT
from €35,20

Basic absorbent layer of the AI2 Duo Diaper System. Two sided - the Stay Dry side keeps the baby's skin dry, while the bamboo rayon side provides high absorbency.

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Code: 99110
99776 bio
from €11,24 excl. VAT
from €13,60

Basic absorbing layer – to put in AI2 DUO Diaper Cover. The most natural diaper you can get!

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Code: 99776
Pocketwindeln DUO mit Einlage – einfaches Anziehen, zuverlässiger Schnitt, genügende Saugkraft und dabei ein kleines Windelpaket | Bamboolik
€30,50 excl. VAT

Pocket Diaper with absorbing insert. The simplest and most universal reusable diaper on the market! With velcro or snaps fastening.

Code: 92066
Pocketwindel DUO ohne Einlage – für diejenigen, die zu Hause die genügende Saugeinlagen zur Verfügung haben | Bamboolik
€24,71 excl. VAT

Pocket Diaper without any absorbing insert. For those who have plenty of absorbing inserts at hand and do not need any more. With velcro or snaps fastening.

Code: 92050
"Die Basis für die Pocketwindel DUO ist die geformte Einlage – zusammen sind sie die einfachste Stoffwindel auf dem Markt | Bamboolik
€6,86 excl. VAT

Absorbing insert for a Pocket Diaper, with a snap.

Code: 92067
Praktische, günstige Windeln mit hoher Qualität. Die günstigste Lösung von der Geburt bis zum Töpfchen | Bamboolik
Economy | Large Diaper Set
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€206,53 excl. VAT

An affordable diaper set — the cheapest but still high-quality and easy to use diaper solution. Microfiber prefolds are universal and dry fast. Pair them with waterproof diaper...

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Code: 92683
Großes Stoffwindel Set - Von Geburt bis zum Töpfchen, alles was Sie zum Windeln wechseln benötigen | Bamboolik
AI2 DUO | Large Diaper Set
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€454,46 excl. VAT

A set of reusable cloth diapers, everything you’ll need from birth to potty. AI2 DUO diapers with separate waterproof (Diaper Covers) and absorbing layer (absorbing inserts made...

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Code: 92603
COMBI DUO | Large Diaper Set
€520,58 excl. VAT

A set of reusable cloth diapers, a full diaper stash, everything you need from birth to potty. AI2 DUO diapers (waterproof Diaper Covers and separate absorbing inserts) and easy...

Code: 92609
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Helping you choose the best cloth diaper

In case you need any advice (be it general questions about cloth diapers or specific questions about what diapers to choose for your baby), feel free to drop us a line in the chatbox below. You can also have a look at the "All about Cloth Diapers" page or our Cloth Diaper Blog where you will find lots of useful information.

Are you wondering about maintenance of cloth diapers? Are you lost in the types of cloth diapers and various diaper systems? Do you need advice on how to build the best cloth diaper stash? Or which cloth diaper is the best for a newborn baby? You can find all the answers in our blog.