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kapsova sovy
€30,50 excl. VAT

Pocket Diaper with absorbing insert. The simplest and most universal reusable diaper on the market!

Code: 92066
hlavní AIO
€24,71 excl. VAT

Pocket Diaper without any absorbing insert. For those who have plenty of absorbing inserts at hand and do not need any more.

Code: 92049
vkládací plena kapsa
€6,86 excl. VAT

Absorbing insert for a Pocket Diaper, with a snap.

Code: 92067

Pocket Diaper (All-in-One type) — the easiest cloth diaper change, as easy to change s a disposable. Waterproof PUL pocket that holds an absorbing insert. 100% made in Europe.

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