Pocket Diapers (AIO)

Pocket Diaper (All-in-One type) — the easiest cloth diaper change, as easy to use as a disposable. Waterproof PUL pocket that holds an absorbing insert. 100% made in Europe.

The Shaped Absorbing Insert, contained in the "Pocket Diaper with Absorbing Insert" has two sides - Stay-Dry and bamboo terry. In case you want your baby to feel comfortably dry even in a wet diaper, just attach (snap) the absorbing insert so that it lies ON the pocket (don’t put the insert inside the pocket), with the Stay-Dry layer touching your baby’s skin.

In case you have a sufficient stock of any absorbing inserts at home, you can buy just the empty "Pocket Diaper with NO Absorbing Insert"; the pocket is truly universal.

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Pocketwindeln DUO mit Einlage – einfaches Anziehen, zuverlässiger Schnitt, genügende Saugkraft und dabei ein kleines Windelpaket | Bamboolik
€30,50 excl. VAT

Pocket Diaper with absorbing insert. The simplest and most universal reusable diaper on the market! With velcro or snaps fastening.

Code: 92061
Pocketwindel DUO ohne Einlage – für diejenigen, die zu Hause die genügende Saugeinlagen zur Verfügung haben | Bamboolik
€24,71 excl. VAT

Pocket Diaper without any absorbing insert. For those who have plenty of absorbing inserts at hand and do not need any more. With velcro or snaps fastening.

Code: 92050
"Die Basis für die Pocketwindel DUO ist die geformte Einlage – zusammen sind sie die einfachste Stoffwindel auf dem Markt | Bamboolik
€6,86 excl. VAT

Absorbing insert for a Pocket Diaper, with a snap.

Code: 92067

Bamboolik Pocket Diapers - The simplest and most universal reusable diapers on the market!

One-size Pocket Diaper, usable throughout the entire diaper period thanks to 4 rows of snaps for size adjustment. The Pocket Diapers have the perfect cut with double hems around the legs which make the diaper absolutely reliable and leakproof.

The waterproof pocket is lined on the inside with bamboo rayon which is well-known for its huge absorbing capacity. Even a strong stream of liquid is absorbed immediately.

This Pocket Diaper is able to dry fast! Just pull the insert out of the pocket before washing. The insert can be tumble-dried, while the empty pocket itself dries in a few hours. This is a great advantage compared to the true "All-in-One" diapers, where all the absorbing layers sewn together with the waterproof layer make it tumble-dryer-unfriendly and the thick diaper dries for ages.