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Diaper accessories - reusable changing mats, laundry bags, practical wetbags for storing used diapers either at home or on the go, separation liners, gentle baby bottom care.

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Gift Voucher
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Gift Voucher - a universal gift when you are not sure whether to purchase Bamboolik cloth diapers or other products for an eco-friendly home.

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Code: 98903
Snappi Windelklammer ist ein Zubehör zum Falten von Stoffwindeln. Sie können damit ganz einfach eine Höschenfalte erstellen | Bamboolik
Snappi Fastener
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from €2,48 excl. VAT
from €3

The Snappi fastener helps you to keep the diaper fold in place. Suitable for AI2 Duo Shaped Insert, classic square diapers or prefolds.

Code: 91342
Trockenfleece-Einlagen waschbar / Reusable Diaper Liners | Stay Dry - Bamboolik
€9,01 excl. VAT

Washable fleece liners. Protect the diaper from stool and help to remove it, while keeping the baby’s skin dry.

Code: 14412
Wäschesack / Laundry Bag - Bamboolik
Laundry Bag
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from €2,89 excl. VAT
from €3,50

Laundry bag for making washing your laundry simpler. In three sizes - pick yours according to the required purpose and volume. Closable with a cord stopper or a zip fastener. 

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Code: 91321
Gallseife EU
€2,89 excl. VAT

Gall soap efficiently removes stains of organic origin (grease, fruit and vegetables, blood, grass, etc.). Perfect for removing stains on cloth diapers and reusable sanitary...

Code: 92631
€7,36 excl. VAT

Sodium percarbonate – Oxygen stain remover & bleaching powder, perfect for washing and bleaching of cloth diapers and white laundry. Suitable also for household cleaning....

Code: 92633
Waschbare Wickelunterlage / Washable Changing Pad - Bamboolik
Washable Changing Pad
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from €14,79 excl. VAT
from €17,90

Multi-purpose changing mat. 70 x 50 cm. Perfect for the cot, your changing table, changing station or for your diaper bag.

Code: 99838
Bamboo | Cloth Wipes
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from €9,01 excl. VAT
from €10,90

Practical napkins of very soft and absorbent material. Size 20 x 20 cm or 30x30 cm. A must-have in a houseld with kids, a zero-waste solution for all situations where you...

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Code: 98644
Mulltuch aus der Bio-Baumwolle / Washable Napkin Organic Cotton - Bamboolik
from €10,74 excl. VAT
from €13

Practical napkins made of certified organic cotton of European origin. Size 20 x 20 cm. A must-have in a houseld with kids, a zero-waste solution for all situations where you...

Code: 99798
Perlan Einmalwaschlappen als Feuchttücher Ersatz oder als Windelflies für Stoffwindeln. Perlan, der ultimative Alleskönner | Bamboolik
Perlan | Disposable Wipes
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€9,83 excl. VAT

Perlan Wipes are multifunctional eco-friendly wipes that can be used as an economical alternative to disposable wet wipes or as diaper liners for cloth diapers. Gentle wipes for...

Code: 92611
HappyBottomKit DE
Happy Bottom Kit
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€34,30 excl. VAT

A practical set of cloth napkins, natural cleansing oil and a wetbag. Reusable and more natural alternative to wet wipes, to be used at home or even out and about.

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Code: 92110
91176 Happy Bottom Öl DE
€13,14 excl. VAT

Natural oil for preparation of a washing emulsion. Can be used for babies of all ages, right from the birth. Volume: 100 ml.

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Code: 91176
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