Our Team

Zuzana Hlouskova

hlouskova@bamboolik.cz Zuzana is the Executive Director of Bamboolik. She says who we are, where we are going and what we're going to do when we get there :)

Zuzana Lalova

lalova@bamboolik.cz Zuzana is in charge of strategies and projects. She sets up good practices in many areas for us and makes sure they are respected.

Barbora Dolezalova

dolezalova@bamboolik.cz Barbora is the head of our Sales team. She looks after our customers and partners both from the Czech Republic and from abroad.

Dorota Lichvarova

lichvarova@bamboolik.cz Dorota backs up our export department. She is in charge of invoicing, administration, communication with our customers.

Michaela Panovcova

panovcova@bamboolik.cz Michaela works as admin support for our Sales Department. She is also in charge of our German speaking customers, via our Hotline and our social networks. 

Rebekka Gansel

gansel@bamboolik.eu Rebekka looks after all cloth diaper consultants from the German speaking region.

Jana Seveckova

seveckova@bamboolik.cz Jana is our inland Sales Assistant. She is also in charge of inland invoicing.

Monika Fiantova

fiantova@bamboolik.cz Monika is responsible for Marketing and PR. She makes sure we are visible and we communicate in line with our company Vision. And makes it all a little bit juicy :) 

Tereza Sabatova

sabatova@bamboolik.cz Tereza is the second half of our marketing department. She is mainly in charge of our social networks.

Zora Jandlova

jandlova@bamboolik.cz Zora is our Marketing Assistant. She supports Monika and Tereza by preparing all kinds of data, and helps them with implementation of marketing plans and visions.

Lucie Korinkova

korinkova@bamboolik.cz Lucie makes sure our e-shop is up-to-date and is running smoothly, so that you can enjoy your shopping. 

Stanislava Musilova

musilova@bamboolik.cz Stanislava is Lucie's right hand when it comes to e-shop administration. Whenever a new product is online, you can blame it on Stanislava!

David Hlousek

hlousek@bamboolik.cz David is our IT guru. He saves us whenever technologies decide to fight against us, or helps us with settings of all kinds of applications. He is also in charge of some projects.

Jitka Sestrienkova

sestrienkova@bamboolik.cz Jitka looks after our office and all the paperwork we cannot do without. She is also in charge of parcels dispatching, together with Petr. 

Petr Mladek

mladek@bamboolik.cz Petr takes turns with Jitka at parcel dispatching. He also knows about everything what is going on about our stocks. 

Michaela Kuncova

kuncova@bamboolik.cz Michaela is the head of our Production Department - which handles logistics, material purchases and production planning - as well as of our Sewing factory team.

Martina Kopecka

kopecka@bamboolik.cz Martina takes care of logistics, making sure everything is on the right spot in the right time. She is also in charge of cutting and sewing planning.

Lenka Vlckova

vlckova@bamboolik.cz Lenka looks after the material purchasing, its transport to and from our sewing factories. She also makes sure our real stock matches the one in the accounting system.

Jana Brzobohata

brzobohata@bamboolik.cz Jana is the head of our sewing factory. She manages the seamstresses team, organises their work, sets norms for production. She also helps a lot with development of new products.

Nikola Sapikova

info@bamboolik.cz Nikola has been one of the first members of our sewing factory. Her passion is zero-waste household, she sews Zero Waste products even outside Bamboolik.

Lucie Koliskova 

info@bamboolik.cz Lucie is also one of our first seamstresses. Apart from our products, she is capable of sewing a historical costume, for instance.

Katerina Lyckova

info@bamboolik.cz Katerina is an Architecture graduate, currently on parental leave. She joined Bamboolik because she likes to sew and needed a change of environment.

Vera Levorova

info@bamboolik.cz Vera worked in the administration for all her life, but sewing has always been her great passion. It was only logical that when she couldn't find a job, she landed with us in the end.

Eva Masova

info@bamboolik.cz Eva worked as a sanitary nurse in a maternity hospital, but for health reasons she had to leave her job. Now, at least she sews products for babies.

Iva Hruba

info@bamboolik.cz Iva has been sewing for all her life, she can even sew a wedding dress. Diapers and pads are a completely new experience and a welcome change for her.

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