Large Diaper Sets

Cloth Diapers Sets for better price — our Large Diaper Sets contain everything you'll need from birth to potty.

Choose between a set with AI2 DUO diapers or combine our AI2 diapers with our Pocket Diapers in a Combi Large Set.

Large Diaper Sets are perfect for those who don't want to think about diapers too much—with Large Sets, we figured out your full diaper stash so you don't have to.

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Gift Voucher - a universal gift when you are not sure whether to purchase Bamboolik cloth diapers or other products for an eco-friendly home.

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Code: 98903
Praktische, günstige Windeln mit hoher Qualität. Die günstigste Lösung von der Geburt bis zum Töpfchen | Bamboolik
Economy | Large Diaper Set
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€206,53 excl. VAT

An affordable diaper set — the cheapest but still high-quality and easy to use diaper solution. Microfiber prefolds are universal and dry fast. Pair them with waterproof diaper...

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Code: 92683
Großes Stoffwindel Set - Von Geburt bis zum Töpfchen, alles was Sie zum Windeln wechseln benötigen | Bamboolik
AI2 DUO | Large Diaper Set
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€454,46 excl. VAT

A set of reusable cloth diapers, everything you’ll need from birth to potty. AI2 DUO diapers with separate waterproof (Diaper Covers) and absorbing layer (absorbing inserts made...

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Code: 92603
COMBI DUO | Large Diaper Set
€520,58 excl. VAT

A set of reusable cloth diapers, a full diaper stash, everything you need from birth to potty. AI2 DUO diapers (waterproof Diaper Covers and separate absorbing inserts) and easy...

Code: 92609

Special offer: Discount on related products when buying a Diaper Set

Pick one of our Medium or Large Diaper Set, and a special offer will appear in your shopping cart automatically: an option to choose from several supplementary products with 15% discount. 

Top up your cloth diaper stash with super absorbent Night Fitted Diapers, or luxurious Organic Cotton Absorbent Inserts. Or add a few pairs of Reusable Nursing Pads. See our category Special Offer for more info. 

Cheap cloth diapers: Get a discount for additional products with the purchase of cloth diaper set | Bamboolik