XL Diaper Covers

XL Diaper Cover for larger diapers. For older kids who are not fully nappy-less yet, especially at night. It fits from about 15 to 25 kilos and up till the age of 6, but it depends on your child's proportions - let's say a one-year-old toddler of about 13 kilos who needs a highly-stuffed night diaper will be able to use the XL diaper cover for the night too, in case the one size nappy cover is too tight for them.

The XL Diaper Cover provides the waterproof layer for the XL Fitted Diaper

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Wasserdichte aber atmungsaktive XL Windelüberhose für große Stoffwindeln. Für ältere Kinder, besonders für die Nacht | Bamboolik
XL | Diaper Cover
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Waterproof but breathable diaper cover for older kids (until ca. 6 years of age, approx. 15-25 kg) who have not fully mastered potty training yet. Designed especially for the...

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