Baby Blankets and Changing Pads

Must-haves for all new parents — changing pads and baby blankets.

For the pram or the crib, every baby needs a snuggle blanket.

And no home with a baby can function without a baby changing mat! Our reusable changing mats are machine-washable at 60 degrees which helps you save your money as well as the environment.

All the baby blankets and changing mats also make a perfect baby shower gift!

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Gift Voucher - a universal gift when you are not sure whether to purchase Bamboolik cloth diapers or other products for an eco-friendly home.

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Bonding Blanket - for the unforgettable first moments with your newborn baby

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Kuschel Bambus Decke /Caressy Bamboo Blanket -  Bamboolik
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Super soft cuddly blanket, suitable for babies, toddlers and even newborns (even as a bonding blanket right after birth). Ideal size for the cot or for the pram - 100 x 70 cm.

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