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Period Products Accessories

Practical accessories for reusable sanitary pads, menstrual cups or period pants. Breathable reusable wetbags for storing of period products, laundry bags for washing of cloth sanitary pads. 

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Kleine Wetbag /Nasstasche Größe XS / Reusable wetbag XS - Bamboolik
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Reusable Wetbag | size XS
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from €5,70

Waterproof yet breathable small wet bag, size 18 x 23 cm. For storage of 1-2 used diapers, reusable sanitary pads, wet swimsuit, or for bits and pieces such as ID cards, keys,...

Code: 99841
Mini Wetbag - Bamboolik
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from €3,14 excl. VAT
from €3,80

Little Wet Bag, size 12.5 x 15.5 cm, for all your bits & pieces such as cosmetics, first-aid kit, car keys, ID cards, etc.

Code: 99860
Wäschesack | Bamboolik
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Laundry Bag
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Laundry bag for making washing your laundry simpler. In three sizes - pick yours according to the required purpose and volume. Closable with a zip fastener. 

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Code: 91321
Reinigungspulver MenstrualCup EU
Christmas sale
€7,90 –10 %
€5,87 excl. VAT

Cleaning agent for easy maintenance of your menstrual cup. Removes discolouration and potential odours. Easily bio-degradable and safe for the environment. Does not contain...

Code: 92635
Gallseife EU
Christmas sale
€3,50 –8 %
€2,64 excl. VAT

Gall soap efficiently removes stains of organic origin (grease, fruit and vegetables, blood, grass, etc.). Perfect for removing stains on cloth diapers and reusable sanitary...

Code: 92631
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€8,90 –10 %
€6,61 excl. VAT

Sodium percarbonate – Oxygen stain remover & bleaching powder, perfect for washing and bleaching of cloth diapers and white laundry. Suitable also for household cleaning....

Code: 92633