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For Mums

Eco-friendly accessoriers for mums - reusable alternatives of disposable products. Nursing pads for breastfeeding women, made of certified organic cotton, waterproof, very absorbing and breast-shaped.

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Reusable Shaped Nursing Pads Bamboolik
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Greatly absorbing nursing pads for breastfeeding mums. Washable, shaped—the perfect fit even for large-chested women. In more material versions, with waterproof or...

Code: 99204
Waschbare Reinigungspads aus Bio-Baumwolle / Washable Organic Cotton Cleansing Pads with Ribbon -  Bamboolik
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Washable cleansing pads from organic cotton. Set of 10 pcs, on its own or with a practical laundry bag. Also as a gift-package in a recycled cardboard box. Pad diameter ca 8.5 cm.

Code: 99923
ručník produkt
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Super soft bamboo face towel. The perfect final touch to your skincare routine. Set of 2 pcs, size 30 x 30 cm.

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taška dezenová produkt
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Multipurpose Tote Bag
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€13,22 excl. VAT

Practical Tote Bag in fashionable design - for pushchairs, travels, shopping, … Very spacious, with long handles - can be put around the handle of most prams and strollers or...

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Code: 98266