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AI2 Duo Medium Diaper Set
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€218,68 excl. VAT

Diaper Set that covers approximately 50 % of a full diaper stash. Perfect for those who want to combine Bamboolik AI2 Duo system with other diapers (cloth or disposable ones).

Code: 92105
kombi stredni sada produkt
€275,79 excl. VAT

Diaper set containing both Bamboolik diaper systems - AI2 Duo and Pocket Diapers. Covers approximately 50 % of a full diaper stash.

Code: 92108

Cloth Diapers Sets for better price—sets containing approx. a half of the "full-time" cloth diaper stash. Perfect for those who want to combine our cloth diapers with other diapers (be it disposables or cloth). Choose between a Medium Set of AI2 DUO diapers or combine AI2 and Pocket Diapers.

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