Absorbing Inserts

The absorbent part of all in two cloth diapers. Absorbent inserts of all sizes, shapes and prices. Luxurious inserts from the most absorbent Organic Cotton or our DUO Absorbent Inserts with integrated Stay-Dry layer for dry bum even in a wet diaper.

The basic item in case of both types is the Shaped Insert with pocket which is placed into the nappy cover. If you need to boost absorbency, just add a Short Insert or a Long Insert into the pocket of the Shaped Insert.

There's also a budget-saving alternative for those who seek the most financially savvy diaper solution: Prefold nappies which are super absorbent, or Muslin squares which are a great option for newborns. 

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Gift Voucher
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Gift Voucher - a universal gift when you are not sure whether to purchase Bamboolik cloth diapers or other products for an eco-friendly home.

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Bamboolik DUO geformte Einlage – beidseitig, Stay Dry für das Trockenheitsgefühl, Bambusviskose für die sofortige Saugfähigkeit | Bamboolik
from €29,09 excl. VAT
from €35,20

Basic absorbent layer of the AI2 Duo Diaper System. Two sided - the Stay Dry side keeps the baby's skin dry, while the bamboo rayon side provides high absorbency.

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Long Insert DUO Bamboolik
DUO | Long Insert
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from €19,42 excl. VAT
from €23,50

Additional absorbing layer of the AI2 Duo Diaper System. Place it into the pocket of the Shaped Insert, in order to provide maximum absorbency.

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Short Insert DUO - Bamboolik
DUO | Short Insert
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from €14,63 excl. VAT
from €17,70

Additional absorbent layer of the AI2 Duo Diaper System. Place it into the pocket of the Shaped Insert, in order to provide higher absorbency

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99776 bio
from €11,24 excl. VAT
from €13,60

Basic absorbing layer – to put in AI2 DUO Diaper Cover. The most natural diaper you can get!

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99775 bio
from €7,93 excl. VAT
from €9,60

Additional absorbing layer from certified organic cotton. To be put in the pocket of a Shaped Insert, in the pocket of a Pocket Diaper or anywhere you need to boost a diaper's...

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Code: 99775
99774 bio
from €6,12 excl. VAT
from €7,40

Short Absorbing Insert from certified organic cotton. To be put in the pocket of our Shaped Insert from our AI2 Diaper System or in our Pocket Diaper to boost absorbing capacity.

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Code: 99774
Prefold – eine universelle Einlage aus Bio-Baumwoll-Frottee, verwendbar mit allen Stoffwindel-Arten | Bamboolik
from €12,31 excl. VAT
from €14,90

All-purpose absorbent booster – for all cloth diaper types. Extra absorbent. 1 Pc. In a rectangle shape, can be easily folded into thirds or into quarters, as needed.

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Prefold | Mikrofaser - Universelle saugfähige Einlage für Stoffwindeln | Bamboolik
Prefold | Microfiber
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from €5,79 excl. VAT
from €7

Universal absorbing layer for cloth diapers. A simple rectangle of 41×32 cm fits into any diaper cover — the most economical cloth diaper ever. Usable also as additional...

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Muslin Square Organic Cotton
€7,36 excl. VAT

Muslin Square made of certified organic cotton of European origin, 69 x 69 cm. A must-have for any baby layette.

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Snappi Windelklammer ist ein Zubehör zum Falten von Stoffwindeln. Sie können damit ganz einfach eine Höschenfalte erstellen | Bamboolik
Snappi Fastener
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from €2,48 excl. VAT
from €3

The Snappi fastener helps you to keep the diaper fold in place. Suitable for AI2 Duo Shaped Insert, classic square diapers or prefolds.

Code: 91344

Which nappy inserts should I choose for my baby?

The absorbent inserts of the DUO diaper system are two-sided: they have a bamboo terry side which is very absorbent, and a Stay-Dry side which keeps the baby's bum dry even if the diaper is wet. So depending on the required functionality, you choose which side will be touching the skin. For the youngest babies who dislike damp feeling or for a calm uninterrupted sleep of your child, use the Stay-Dry as the contact layer. Once you want to start with potty training, put the bamboo terry side facing up instead.

In case you prefer a purely natural material, you can pick our luxurious certified organic cotton diaper inserts. These cotton nappy inserts are a bit more absorbent than the DUO ones. This, however, also means that they need more time for drying, so they are a better option in case you own a tumble dryer. See our article Organic Cotton and its specifics for more information on these organic cotton inserts.

We certainly recommend a combination of both types - pick the DUO Shaped Insert in order to provide the dry bum feeling. And use the organic cotton Short Inserts and Long Inserts for boosting its absorbency, as these are more absorbent than the DUO ones, and you don't have to worry about placing them the correct side up inside the pocket.

A cheaper option of absorbent insert which, however, requires a bit more skilfulness in folding, is a prefold nappy or a muslin square. The Organic Cotton Terry Prefold is more absorbing, while the Muslin Square is a softer and more flexible fabric which dries fast.