Interview with a doula: Bonding

17. 1. 2018
Besides being the voice of Bamboolik’s Czech hotline, Terka Vanečková is our cloth diaper consultant, a doula and a mother of three. We benefited from her profession and asked a couple of questions about bonding, our topic for these two weeks. (In case you’ve never heard of bonding, read our article Bonding - stay together a little bit longer.    Doula Terka Vaneckova


Bonding Blanket Bamboolik



Bonding is a very fashionable term nowadays, especially with regards to natural childbirth. What’s so important about it?

It’s all about the first bond between the mother and her new-born baby, when there’s skin-to-skin contact as the baby lies on the mother’s naked body. Ideally, bonding should be as long as possible, uninterrupted. All the necessary examinations can be done on the mother’s body as she and her baby are beginning to fall in love with each other. Bonding helps the mom to create the right hormonal cocktail, helps breastfeeding better. In general it helps both the mother and the baby to adapt better to their new situation. The baby feels less stress and doesn’t feel deprived (as is the case when the mother is not around).

What are the benefits of bonding?  

There are several very important benefits: Bonding helps the friendly bacteria from the mother’s body to colonize the baby’s skin, thanks to skin-to-skin contact it is easier for the mother to deal with pain and very often lactation starts more easily.

Babies who have experienced bonding are calmer, feel more secure, more loved, and more easily adapt to life outside the mother's womb.

Would you recommend bonding to any mother-to-be?

Absolutely! Nothing is more natural than holding your baby in your arms right after delivery. I definitely recommend to any woman to insist on having this special moment.

Do you have a personal experience with bonding?

Yes, several! :) Apart from my own children, I’m lucky to experience it every now and then with mothers who choose me as their doula. It’s most satisfying to observe how calm the babies can be, how they look at their mother (and father, if he’s present) for the first time.

      Bonding Blanket Bamboolik
Bonding Blanket Bamboolik         

What if there has to be a C-section?

That depends. In case it’s a planned caesarean, it’s possible to negotiate conditions that enable full bonding even after a C-section. Cannula and the necessary sensors can be put on just one arm, the EKG cables can be put on the mother’s back and instead of forceps a plastic clip can be used. Thanks to that, the mother can have one arm and her chest free and can hold her baby safely even during the operation.
In case there’s is an emergency C-section, it usually means no time for compromises; in these cases, it’s the father who can substitute here (right after the routine checks on the baby are done).


What is the purpose of a bonding blanket?

The baby needs to be kept warm as he or she just came from a pretty hot climate :) The baby lies on the mother, that keeps him or her warm but it’s very important to cover the baby’s back, too. The Bamboolik bonding blanket is a great choice as it is made of bamboo rayon from one side, really super soft to touch. Bamboo rayon is a functional material, it keeps one warm even when wet, that’s why it’s more suitable than cotton. Red colour calms the baby down because they know this colour from the mother’s belly.  

   Bonding Blanket Bamboolik





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