Czech Glass Travel Mug Double Walled

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Reusable Travel Mug
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Czech Glass Travel Mug Double Walled

Czech Glass Travel Mug Double Walled 0,3 l

Coffee, frappé, tea, smoothie. An everyday must for most of us, a daily pleasure. However, it’s not such a pleasure for the environment in case you use a disposable cup for each of these drinks.

Bamboolik’s goal is to minimize the usage of disposable products. In every aspect of our daily life.

A travel mug, a keepcup, thermo cup. Buy one reusable mug/cup and use it repeatedly.

Why this glass mug?

It’s Czech glass! We think that an eco-friendly product that had to travel half the world to get to you, is not that eco-friendly. The Czech Republic has a historical tradition in glass making, why not put that to good use?

Our travel mug is made of double walled glass which makes it comfortable for you to hold it in your hand, even with a boiling drink inside. Or with a refreshing drink with lots of ice. Double walled glass also helps to maintain the original temperature of your chosen drink, may it be hot or cold. Travel mug comes with a silicone lid.

Won’t it break easily?


We’ve surely tested that! At first unintentionally, then intentionally. It lasts up to a lot but still, handle it with caution. It’s glass, after all. When it falls on your carpet, it does just fine, but a fall on the pavement will most likely break it.

OUR TIP: To carry your Travel Mug around without having drops of coffee in your handbag: use our Zero Waste Bag in size XS. No liquids will pass through that.


CAUTION: This travel mug is made for carrying hot or cold beverages. It was not made for a freezer. Always wash the mug before the first use, either in a dishwasher or with warm water with dish detergent. Never use abrasive dish detergents on the mug. If the mug is hot, do not pour cold liquid into it and do not put the mug onto cold or wet surface. If the mug contains hot beverage, always put it out of the reach of children.

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