AI2 System

All-in-Two Diaper System (AI2)


AI2 Diaper System Bamboolik


AI2 diapers = All-in-Two System for children from ca 4 to 15 kg


Check out our video to learn everything about the system in a few minutes: 


The AI2 System is the most effective and variable system of Bamboolik diapers. Not only fathers will be keen on assembling and combining the pieces in the way as with LEGO cubes: You simply snap the diaper cover and the absorbent insert together thanks to practical snaps. After each use, you only need to wash the absorbent part. The diaper cover can be just aired out and reused. You can wash it once in 1-2 weeks, or when soiled (see more in Care and maintenance of cloth diapers). Fewer washing cycles extend the lifetime of the diaper cover, so with every other baby, the AI2 system pays off even more!

The size of the AI2 diaper can be easily adjusted to fit exactly the size of your baby - thanks to 4 rows of snaps in the front of the diaper cover, and to high quality velcros. The diaper will fit your baby by milimetres. We also offer a version with snap closure, which adds two more rows of snaps around the waist, instead of the velcros.

The absorbent inserts of the AI2 system are made of bamboo rayon. The material is just perfect for diapers - it is super absorbent, antibacterial, thermoregulatory and at the same time very soft and smooth to touch. It is comfortable even for the most sensitive baby skin.

The absorbency of the AI2 system can be regulated by yourselves - by choosing the number of inserts you snap into the diaper cover. You start with the Basic Soaker, and you can choose to add either a Short Insert or a Toddler Insert on top of it. Below the detailed description of the options:






Basic Soaker

Shaped Soaker

Short Insert

Small babies

Basic Absorbency

Shorter changing period for toddlers

Toddler Soaker

Shaped Soaker

Toddler Insert


Longer daytime sleep or night sleep for small babies

Max. ca 3-hour sleep for toddlers



Are you wondering how to use the AI2 system during the night, especially for older kids who are able to sleep all night? Both you and your baby can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep without changing in the middle of the night - you can use the Night Soaker or the Night Fitted Diaper. Learn more in the article Changing at night.