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Wetbag Bamboolik
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Reusable Wetbag | size S
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Waterproof yet breathable small wet bag, size 30 x 34 cm. For storage of used diapers during a short trip, but also for wet swimsuit, sweated clothes, watercolours in your kids'...

Code: 99843
Reusable Zero Waste Bag | all-purpose
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Breathable multi-purpose bag - for your Zero Waste home. Size 39,5 x 29 cm.

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Wetbag mit Schlaufe/ Reusable Wetbag Bamboolik
Reusable Hanging Wetbag
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Medium or Large Reusable Wet Bag for storage of used diapers. With a practical hook for hanging. Closable thanks to a cord stopper.

Code: 99844

Waterproof wetbags for storing used cloth diapers. Machine-washable, sizes M and L with a practical loop for hanging. Perfect for travelling with cloth diapers. And after the diaper period is over, they make the perfect laundry bags!