How Do Period Pants Work? Try Them Out

Celebrating the International Women’s Day with sales on period products! Bamboolik

We’re period experts. We’ve been producing and selling reusable period items for many years now - period panties, reusable sanitary pads, washable panty liners, and menstrual cups. All are now discounted to celebrate the International Women’s Day. 

Do Period Pants Work?

Still on the fence about period pants? This is your opportunity to try them out - with an International Women’s Day discount. Period pants are the best fit for:

  • light or medium flow days, 
  • period pants for girls make the transition to adulthood much easier,
  • they’re also a very comfortable alternative for warm summer days (under a skirt)
  • you can rely on them during your workout,
  • or use them as back-up to your menstrual cup.

 Have a look at our period pants:

Underbelly - made in EU period pants in many colours and youthful design
Yuuki period pants are high-wasted and protect you even at night
Period Pants | Bamboolik Period Pants | Yuuki | Heavier Period | Bamboolik

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Menstrual Cup for Those Who Prefer Inner Menstrual Protection

Menstrual cup has your back even during the hardest workouts and in any situations in which you need - let’s be straightforward here - a plug. Moreover, we know from our own experience and from our customers’ experience that some people prefer inner menstrual protection just because they like it better. A menstrual cup has many benefits in comparison to disposable tampons: 

  • A menstrual cup doesn’t need to be emptied as often as you would change tampons. 
  • As opposed to dozens of tampons, you need just one menstrual cup.
  • Menstrual cup is eco- and budget-friendly - it saves the environment as well as money.
  • A menstrual cup is not associated with the risk of developing a toxic shock syndrome.

Choose from two sizes and two types of firmness of menstrual cups here >>

 Menstrual Cup Bamboolik

Reusable Period Pads and Washable Panty Liners

Organic cotton menstrual pads are a great alternative to disposable sanitary pads and panty liners. You use them the same, the only difference is that you don’t throw them in the bin after use. Choose from three sizes:

Choose organic cotton period pads in natural hues or black colour. Or pick more luxurious cotton satin pads (with absorbing core from organic cotton). No one will see the beautiful satin patterns but you’ll know what’s hidden in your panties - and that counts. 


Our International Women’s Day sales are on until 12 March, 2023. Let’s shop for period pants, reusable sanitary pads, washable panty liners and menstrual cups.

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