We’re rising. Unfortunately, we’re talking about our prices.


Unfortunately, not the way we would like to.  

Our prices are rising. 

WE RISE.  Unfortunately, not the way we would like to.  

Prices of basically all the components we use in our production have increased during 2021. And not just a tad—in average, prices of EVERYTHING have risen by 40%. That is way too much. 

It’s not just textile fabrics that have become more expensive, it’s everything else, too—transport, labour, some fabrics went out of stock everywhere which made their price climb even higher. 

So, with a heavy heart, we need to inform you in advance about higher prices that will await you at the beginning of 2022. We really did everything we could to avoid this, but it wasn’t enough. 

We fought against raising our prices by optimising processes in our sewing factories, we work on automation of our dispatch—both these steps will help lower our expenses and keep lower prices.  

But a 40% rise is a 40% rise. And we also know that price increases of 2022 are not final, predictions are very sceptical.  

All these raises definitely do NOT raise our mood.  

According to information we gathered, we’re definitely not alone in this. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small grocery store or the entire e-commerce sector in the Czech Republic—everyone is experiencing difficulties now. 

Our only resort is that, luckily, s**t happens and diapers are not that kind of commodity that people would just stop buying. On the contrary, we sincerely hope that one of the benefits of cloth diapers (their budget-friendliness) will keep us in demand. Fingers crossed.  

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