Happy Bottom Kit

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A practical set of cloth napkins, natural cleansing oil and a wetbag. Reusable and more natural alternative to wet wipes, to be used at home or even out and about.

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Happy Bottom Kit

So that "As soft as a baby's skin" is not just a saying! Even when it comes to the diaper area.

Let's talk about wet wipes a little. They're really practical but have a few cons. For example:

  • Used wet-wipes = non-biodegradable waste.
  • Conventional baby wipes can irritate sensitive baby skin—their cleansing power can be slightly too much. They're even perfumed sometimes which could be another potential irritating factor.
  • If you use wet wipes on a daily basis, it becomes a black hole of your family budget. You literally throw your money away when using wet wipes.

Don't despair! We've got a reusable alternative to wet wipes for you! Which:

  • saves your money
  • saves the environment
  • saves and protects your baby's sensitive skin.

Our Happy Bottom Kit contains everything you need to clean your baby's bottom (or dirty hands and mouth) when you are on the go or whenever you do not have access to water. You can use it for older siblings, too—they may not have their bottoms soiled but their hands and mouths might need some cleansing.

Happy Bottom Kit contains:

  • Happy Bottom Oil 100 ml: Natural cleansing and caring oil without preservatives and synthetic perfumes. Made from natural herbal oils with a little bit of lavender essential oil. Happy Bottom Oil protects the diaper area from wetness (essential oils care for the skin and strengthen its natural protective layer).
  • Happy Bottom Spray Bottle: To create cleansing emulsion. Happy Bottom Oil is used in ratio of one teaspoon for the entire Spray Bottle (30ml). A bottle of Happy Bottom Oil will last months!
  • 10 Pcs of cloth napkins - bamboo 20x20 napkins: Choose colour you prefer!
  • Washable Wetbag size XS: To pack the whole set in. Choose the colour or pattern of the wetbag according to your preferences.
  • Small Laundry Bag: So that you don't have to search for napkins in the dark corners of your washing machine.


Put approximately a teaspoon of the Happy Bottom Oil into the Spray Bottle (up to the mark on the Spray Bottle, appox. 4 - 5,5 ml). Fill in the rest of the Spray Bottle with lukewarm or cold water (that once went past the boiling point). Shake well before each use. You can prepare the emulsion even in a bowl and keep it handy at your changing station.

Cleansing the bottom with the emulsion doesn't need much explaining, we think :) Simply wet a napkin and clean your baby's bottom. Or, spray the emulsion right from the Spray Bottle and then wipe the sprayed area with a napkin. 

We recommend using up the prepared emulsion within 2 days. 

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