Cloth diapers on holiday? Possible!

The obvious tip: Accommodation with a washing machine

That’s not science fiction! Many holiday appartements do have a washing machine as part of their equipment. We recommend to inquire about that before you book a holiday or before you set off. What can be worse than arriving at your destination, finding out there’s a washing machine and sadly remembering your cloth diaper stash that was left at home?

And what’s great about using cloth diapers on holiday? They’ll dry super fast in the hot climate and your baby’s precious bum will not suffocate under layers of plastic. Win-win!

Cloth diapers on holiday? Possible!

Hi, can I use your washing machine?

In case you know (for sure) your chosen appartement does not facilite a washing machine, try to ask your landlords about it. Depending on the accommodation of your choice, of course. (The staff of a large hotel probably won’t wash your diapers but a smaller family-run business may gladly let you use their washing machine.)

The worst scenario if you ask whether there’s a washing machine to use? They say no. Not the end of the world. 

Hi, can I use your washing machine? 

As light as a summer breeze, muslin squares

Muslin squares are not the type of cloth diapers that we would recommend for the whole diaper period, because their absorbing capacity is not sufficient for older babies, let alone toddlers. But! On holiday, we don’t consider the lower absorbing capacity to be a problem. Your baby will be left without a diaper for quite some time (definitely recommended!) and the diaper is not hidden under many layers of clothes. Therefore changing the diaper a bit more often than usual will not bother you.

Muslin squares can easily be washed by hand and they dry so fast in the sun! So they’ll be ready to be used again very soon.

As light as a summer breeze, muslin squares 

Disposable absorbing inserts: in between cloth and disposables

And in case you really cannot or don’t want to wash your diapers on holiday: try our disposable absorbing inserts. They can be used with our Diaper Covers.

Diaper Covers can be washed by hand if necessary (it doesn’t have to be). Disposable Inserts are simply thrown away after use. 

Here comes our favourite question/counterargument: „Disposable inserts? That’s pretty much the same as disposable diapers, isn’t it?“ Well, no, it isn’t. Our disposable inserts do not containt any adhesives, perfumes, they’re not chemically bleached. Moreover, we offer a variant of just purely celullose which is bio-degradable!

And what about the pool?

You need swim diapers, of course. Babies love water!

You can buy our disposable absorbing inserts here:

Disposable absorbing inserts

Need some Diaper Cover?

Diaper cover


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