Diaper allowance in cities and municipalities

Many cities and municipalities support families who want to purchase cloth diapers,  as an active contribution to waste avoidance. These municipalities grant a so-called diaper allowance, under which parents part of the purchase price is reimbursed. This grant can be up to € 225 but varies from city to city. Granting such allowances on cloth diapers is not only reasonable, it is also fair, because the gray bin for disposable diapers is also subsidized in many places in Germany.

In addition, municipalities can save horrific disposal costs by using cloth diapers. The relatively small district of Bayreuth with 100,000 inhabitants stated, for example, that the disposal costs for diaper waste in 2004 were around € 250,000.

Katharina and Oliver from Berlin used the fact that garbage is financially funded almost everywhere, while cloth diapers - as more ecological version of diapers - are not, as an opportunity to launch their project “Diaper Grant”. As part of this, they started their website www.deine-stoffwindel.com, on which they list an overview of cities, municipalities and districts with diaper subsidies, actively provide assistance to put the topic on the agenda of politicians, and offer comprehensive orientation in the cloth diapers topic to families.

Here you can learn more about the project:


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