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Clearance 2+1 Pocket Diaper Stay-Dry Duo (without Insert), Australian Animals
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Pocket Diaper Stay-Dry Duo (without Insert), Australian Animals

Art.No.: 99826 Product number: 8595642923203
Availability: Back again soon :)
Spare Pockets for Pocket Diapers with the designs of our older collection - Clearance 2+1
Discontinued product
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Pocket Diaper Stay-Dry Duo (without Insert), Australian Animals

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Pocket Diaper Stay-Dry Duo (without inserts)



Pocketdiaper: Luxury of cloth for babies, comfortable and easy use for parents!

Pocketdiapers are close to being the perfect diaper: cute, easy to use and maintain as literally everyone can change a baby using them! Their only flaw is that they don't last as long as other diapers. Because you have to wash the diaper as a whole after each use, the membrane material suffers; therefore, Pocketdiaper might not last for 2 babies in perfect state. 

We have not found a complete solution to this situation as yet, but we can solve it at least partially. Do you need to renew your Pocketdiaper stash? You don't have to buy completely new diapers! Absorbing inserts can serve you much longer than the pockets, so there's no reason to buy them, when you need just the pockets. All you have to do is choose between bamboo or Stay-Dry.


Attention: Do not use fleece liners on top of Stay-Dry contact layer of diapers. Two layers of fleece prevent the liquid from being soaked into the inner absorbent part, and thus the diaper may leak. We recommend using the disposable liners instead, especially for small babies. 





Do you use our Night Fitted Diaper for uninterupted sleep - for both baby and parents?  



Inner layer: 100% Polyester
Outer layer: 100% Polyester (PU coated)

CAUTION: Never handwash laminated diapers! Hand washing may damage the waterproof lamination.


Weight 0.1 kg
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