Reusable Shaped Nursing Pads

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Greatly absorbing nursing pads for breastfeeding mums. Washable, shaped—the perfect fit even for large-chested women. In more material versions, with waterproof or water-resistant layer.

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Made in Europe
Made in Europe
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Product detailed description

Reusable Shaped Nursing Pads

Put an end to wet circles on your chest! :-)

The beginnings of breastfeeding can be overwhelming. Milk leaks. Regularly. It takes some time for your lactation to become stabilised and very often, you produce more milk than your baby can drink. Therefore, most new mums need nursing pads to cover their leaks.

The most common type of nursing pads would be the disposable ones. They closely resemble disposable cleansing pads (material- and shape-wise). We don’t like them—in our experience, they often don’t absorb much, they tend to move around in your bra and you throw your money away with them, quite literally. And then there’s the environmental impact (of course, your eco-friendly karma won’t suffer that much if you use disposable nursing pads; but still, we like to care about these smaller steps as well).

There’s a better solution!

  • More eco-friendly. Don’t create extra waste if you have a sustainable option.
  • More budget-friendly. Save your money.
  • More functional—which is the most important thing. We know it’s not easy to be a new mum, so why not make your life a little easier?

What do you mean, more functional?

  • Our reusable nursing pads got you covered, literally.
  • They have a waterproof layer (in case of Organic Cotton or PUL version) or a water-resistant layer (in case of Stay-Dry version)—no more wet circles on your chest!
  • They’ve got darts! Which means they’re shaped like… surprisingly, breasts :-) Of a breastfeeding woman. No flat circles that never stay in place.
  • They’re machine-washable (even at 60°C), they can be tumble dried.
  • The organic cotton version is so absorbing it’s got you covered even at night! Even if you’re a stomach sleeper.


There are more versions to choose from:

  • Organic cotton – the most absorbing type, with the absorbing inner layer made of very absorbing certified organic cotton. This version is designed especially for the postpartum period when the milk production is usually all over the place.
  • Later on, you can swap them for our smaller nursing pads made of bamboo terry. Here, you have two options:
    • PUL: 100 % milkproof. PUL is a membrane-like fabric that we use for our diapers; it’s breathable and waterproof at the same time.
    • Stay Dry: more breathable, water-resistant (milk-resistant :-)) – ideal for hot summer days, or for lower milk-leakage level.
    • Both PUL and Stay-Dry nursing pads also come in a giftbox from recycled cardboard! The perfect gift for any mum-to-be.


There’s no need to be concerned about maintenance—our nursing pads are machine washable and tumble dryer is their friend.

And one more thing—they’re made in the Czech Republic, from fabrics of European origin. We make them in our social enterprise. You cannot get more sustainable than this!

We’ve been also repeatedly awarded as the TOP socially responsible company in the Czech Republic. Want to learn more on our approach to entrepreneurship? Read this About us article.

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Category: For Mums
Contact Layer: Bamboo
KontaktschichtX: Bambus
Verwendung: Hygiene
Bestimmung: Frauen

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